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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

le sale

I am an instructor at Cornell's ceramics studio (which is like saying "I make the coffee in the deli" as far as status and pay goes, but it sounds pretty cool :) and we have 2 sales of pots each year, and we have the spring sale going now, Williard Straight Art Gallery, Mon-Thurs, I will be there again late Thursday afternoon.
I was there late yesterday afternoon BUT HAD FORGOTTEN my camera! Thank God for Bethie showing up with her checkbook and filling a box with my pots, and yes, taking these pics.
Selling pots is fun, but holy CATS all my friends show up, it was like a party! TommyPaulBethNorahElonJoanAndy and on and on :)


Mr. Young's Art said...

Real nice glazes on the two mixing bowls in that top picture! I like the way they mix and run around the top lip there.

Professor J said...

Pots, friends, and checkbooks! What could be better?

Becky Jo said...

The collection of green pots are lookin' nice, G.

What's that glaze on the big bowl? I haven't seen that one before. You've been holding out. ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

Thank goodness she got pictures!
Gary, I don't think I've ever told you how fitting your hair is for your personality. It is though.

racheld said...

Oh, My! The first Colony Law goes onto the books: All coffee will be served in a mug with a rithribbit handle.

All the Best from the Heartland,


Anonymous said...

amigo... trying to catch up. crazy cool glaze on those two bowls you're holding in the pic, i hope the sale went well. can't believe how far behind i can get on your blog just from being off the grid for less than a week. nice shot of the honey bee in one of the previous posts. i have yet to see one this year. i hear gordo's having some luck tho.

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