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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"don't blog that"

A minute ago the wife is like
"don't blog that!" but I am sure she didn't mean it, and what she does NOT want me to blog is what she said before that:
"the nice thing about wearing a dirty tee shirt is you can just wipe banana goo on it instead of your napkin"
You have to love a woman like that :)

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Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lovin' that GREEN!!

claydancer said...

The frogs are great!

kcinnova said...

I have to agree with Maude.
And that glaze sure does make it easy to be green! :)

Stick with Mary said...

Maude is right on. I have been doing yard work in Naples and the heat - OMG. Changed back into the same yard clothes three times yesterday. Why mess up clean stuff!

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