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Thursday, July 30, 2015

when monsters stalk and beagles howl....

Just wait till you see this teapot finished....I have PLANS for it :) Amusing how the flash made that shadow....

The beagle was howling out the window for some reason and it is SO funny, the head goes back, the ears fly, the mouth opens in an ear-splitting noise....well, anyway, I THINK it is funny and looks funnier from the back, right? With those ears...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

majolica's punky side

OK, so, really, me messing around with white glaze and brushed decoration on top of that (majolica) is not all grapes and flowers, I still know how to be a badass!
This new mug sold while it was still fresh from the kiln...need to do more like it.....

(dog mug by Gary Rith)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

GRAPES: making tourist crap....?

SO, finding myself making majolica pots and having a ball at it, I am struck with the idea "put some grapes on there???" and YES, it occurs to me that my badass self is moving from the usual HIGH ART to.....
tourist crap.

No, really! I may be enjoying myself and doing a good job, but isn't it a cliche to go to Mexico or Italy and buy a little jug with grapes on it?  They collect dust on the mantel for years and then they go for a dollar at a garage sale.... I made this fine pitcher yesterday and what do I see at a friend's house?  A little jug with grapes on it from a trip to Italy, no joke!

SO, what is the difference?  And do I care?  I make, as you know, what I feel like, and this is what I felt like doing and it turned out very well, if I may say. Also, the tourist crap might be made with nasty ingredients like a factory! Then they slap "Made in Mexico" on the bottom and get it out in front of the cruise ships....

I have other ideas about how to make grapes on things, plus I am probably doing a show at a winery in September, and tourists NEED this kind of crap from Ithaca, don't they? ;)

(new pitchers by Gary Rith)

Monday, July 27, 2015

cramming a truckload of fruit (and sugar!) into a few jars....

July is a very busy pottery month for me, as you have seen.  VERY GOOD, but it was fun to spend 2 days doing something else...

You noticed yesterday we were at the farm picking peaches and raspberries, a totally favorite July activity.  Yes, there is a little baking and a lot of nibbling, but most of it ends up in jars of jam.  We still have a little jam left from last year, which is the ideal--you go 12 months between seasons and don't run out of the stuff!

Sunday's jam session lasted 2 was warm and humid outside at 83 degrees and sunny BUT that was a relief from our kitchen...which is why a)  everybody (except us) has air conditioning in the US and b) why people with spare cash 100+ years ago would have the summer kitchen for canning, a separate building, so that you didn't turn the whole house into hell's kitchen room when you made jam...


Sunday, July 26, 2015

millions of peaches....and gluten-free peach cobbler

Peaches are unusual up here, too cold.  But some places, near lakes, in valleys, can grow them and Ithaca's Indian Creek farm does.  You will recall it is my favorite place.  On the west side of Ithaca, they grow all the fun stuff, like flowers, pears, apples, raspberries.  We picked an IMPOSSIBLE amount of peaches and raspberries Saturday.  It is a favorite moment every summer when we do this, and it would have been very hot picking BUT it was a little overcast and therefore perfect....

You have to pick raspberries first, which is, you know, fairly slow and prickly, then peaches, which takes TEN SECONDS.  No joke! You just reach and grab, they are big, and huzzah! Full basket...

We will eat some plain.  Some of the fruit will be baked, like the peach cobbler **** I baked (YUM) and the rest will go into least 4 batches, 20-30 jars. I think that will be our Sunday....

**** Gary's gluten-free peach cobbler

-preheat to 350, grease an 8 x 8 baking pan, slice 5-8 peaches, depending on size

-in bowl, add one cup gluten-free flour like Bob's red mill all-purpose gf flour, or just rice flour
-add up to 1 cup sugar and lots of cinnamon, stir
-using a pastry knife or what have you, cut in 1/2 cup butter or marg until the whole mixture is nicely crumbly
-lay sliced peaches on the bottom of the pan, cover with flour mixture, bake about 45 minutes until it is starting to look a little golden brown and juicy!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Grand day out...

Friday may have been the NICEST day Ithaca has ever seen, at about 80 degrees and no humidity with a light breeze, and BOY did people come out to party.

As I said, it was the Ithaca Artist Market at the farmer's market, with 70 artists, music, beer, wine, food in the permanent structure on the lakefront where people go weekend mornings for the local cheese, apples, etc.  Well, artists take it over one afternoon and night a year, and hoooo boy it is my favorite hometown event of the year. Seems like I know EVERYBODY! It makes me so happy to see them all...AND Friday was one of my best single sales day ever.

Some notes:  show began at 2 pm, so usually you pack up the day before for a show then you're out at the crack of dawn on the road...not with this one.  I had all kinds of time in the morning to pack and do other stuff, ride the few miles over to Cayuga lake and setup.  The wife took the bus over after work.

Last show I did earlier this month, my first 2 customers handed me fifties and hundreds for small purchases and so I started the show, much as I liked making money, out of change.  Friday was a GOOD CHANGE show.  Nearly everybody had exact change for me.

I was also next to the nice Hungarian family making crepes.  Some people grabbed a pastry and left but most order a custom crepe...which is then cooked on the spot and topped.  It takes a few minutes, longer when the line builds and GOOD GOLLY waiting for crepes is great for my business.  What do people do while waiting for crepes????? BROWSE the pots next to the crepes :)

AND notable, after 32 years of making pots, I had my first EVER BOAT sale:  people pulled up at the dock you see below, popped in, bought some of my bowls, got back in the boat and left.....

You will recall my old pal Christi, artist and illustrator.  She recently got married!

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