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Gary's third pottery blog

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm THANKFUL there wasn't a bomb at the Port Authority....

There is nothing quite like sending your wife off to NY city on the bus only to read news headlines later that there was a bomb scare at the station down there.... I mean, yes, sure, she is totally fine, but HOLY CATS!

The wife is in NY to see the sisters at my suggestion:  this is a totally busy week (MONTH!) and I need to work and host the open studio here and also, of course, visit various dogs and cats I am babysitting for.... I mean, Thanksgiving to me is a retail opportunity NOT a day of rest and family.  That's what Christmas is for :)

I'll tell you what else I am grateful for:  this has been an amazing retail season so far, and hopefully that will continue and we can pay our December 31 property tax with ease...I am grateful for our traditional, um, Thanksgiving lasagna (no dairy, wheat or gluten, just BADASS FLAVOR!) and coconut pumpkin pie....I am grateful for the incredible weather we are enjoying, warm today and downright HOT expected for Friday....

And I am grateful to YOU.  So many nice people visit here, thank you :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

bored to death and giving to self...

Does this potter admit that the minute he was carving stars onto these candle holders he found it boring as can be? Why is that, you ask?  Cutcutcut, spongespongesponge, ho hum.  I can't explain why some things are tedious to my limited brain.....They ARE cute, though :)

IN OTHER news, I was rather thrilled with this mug...the one impressed flower with the emerald glaze, as in bowls I pictured yesterday = YUM!  The mug next to it has a glaze I am fiddling with....the wife nabbed them and they are wee gifts to ourselves....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

kinky food combos: sweet potato latkes with guac and the hamster on the wheel...

Sure, this month?  These 4 weeks, Nov. 24-Dec24????? The potter is the hamster on the wheel, racing around in the circles, you know?

I barely unload the car and hit the wheel, making MORE pots, of course, packing more boxes to ship, etc, etc. It is an exciting ride, these days.

These green bowls:  I have been fiddling with impressed flowers for some months, as you know, and it hit me:  who needs a stalk and leaves, just the flower is perfect.....

Finally:  I am at the synagogue show Sunday watching all these latkes people are crunching (with celiac, I don't eat anything I have not prepared myself) and although I am not Jewish, I have the same love of potato pancakes that everybody does (or should) and there was this nice avocado on our counter and if you want to you can make sweet potato latkes with guac rather than regular with sour cream and HOLY CATS that is about the yummiest thing possible....I was making those while I made a pumpkin pie for is that kind of week, right?

Monday, November 23, 2015

one down, 3 to go :)

I was at my smallest show of the year Sunday and it was a good day.  So many friends to talk to, I love it!
It IS a physical workout though, you know? That was the first of 4 weekend events on my calendar.
There was a little snow coming down as I rode home, (and more on the ground now), and we were wrapping presents for sisters when I got home.
The retail season starts pretty fast on Columbus Day, but HOLY CATS it is a busy month starting NOW :)

(below, my old friend Tommy)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

jitters and our cat in a hat...

(packing for a fair--just a few things....)

I was super tired Saturday and facing a show today, Sunday. It is my smallest show of the year, with friends and only a few miles from home BUT it is the first of four weekend shows in this, the busiest retail weeks of the year.  It is exhilarating, this ride, but you get to December 24th pretty grateful the bank acct. is full and you can take a BREAK :)

Anyway, so things are in good order and I go out to this wee holiday festival at Temple Beth El after breakfast and walking the dog.  BUT I was dreaming just now that I was so busy finishing pots and noodling around it was suddenly 2:30...and I thought I was late, having been due at the festival at 2, BUT reread the paper and found ZOINKS! I was due there by 8!

I never ever run late.  I am the total organized early bird. Then, of course, I awoke in good order and here we go, into the fast lane :)

In other news, the cat knocked the wife's new spring hat to the floor and then tried to crawl into it and take a nap.  Our cat in a hat....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

fur drop

The cat will be sitting there sometimes like a...well, blob, and the wife will say say he is a "fur drop" makes sense if you are thinking something like 'drop cookies" or "The Carolina Chocolate Drops".  Basically, he looks like a Hershey's kiss.

SO, as I was explaining to a customer yesterday "I hadn't made a little cat sculpture like this in years....make a Hershey's kiss, add ears, tail, nose, HUZZAH! A fat easy..."
"Did you make a lot of them?"
"I intended to, but I got bored and only made the one, promising myself I would make more later, but I never did..."

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