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“But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.”
― Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, The Little Prince
Gary's third pottery blog

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BABIES and Sunny Days = SPRING

Can you believe, I was dreaming of babies again last night?
You will recall last week I wrote that WE had a baby...bear in mind we are LONG past childbearing or childrearing ages (the wife may be sexyhawt, but she is also A LOT OLDER THAN ME by many years, and I am old...and as I say my parents will quickly tell you "when we were your age we were grandparents!) (AND LET ME add here:  I do not WANT a baby.  I do not want a puppy or kitten either, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars thank you very much :)

ANYWAY, so, yeah, in THIS dream last night all of our FRIENDS were pregnant.  You know how it is, spring, pregnant young woman in rosy, glowing good health, that sort of thing, amongst the flowers and birds and bees....enough said......

OK, yesterday I was back at SunNY Days, a new local gift gallery featuring NY gifts and arts and ME! I was delivering soap dishes and honey pots.... they sell a lot of honey and soap, right?  Makes sense! The do not want, even though I keep bringing it to them and they are TRE CUTE things with elephants and hippos...their opinion being that is not really a NY thing (I beg to differ...cute hippos and elephants can be found on kids' bookshelves all around NY!).

A note about soap dishes:  I told you a couple of weeks ago I had dreamt of turtle soap dishes, never having made them before, and tried a couple of different ideas which work well.  The problem I have with soap dishes is... I don't like to make things that are too.... mmm, how do you put it.... um, BANAL.  The sort of thing that goes in the "Ye Olde Cutsie Country Craftes Shoppe" store, the place that people with little imagination who say "that's different" or "that doesn't match my bathroom color" might shop in.  I don't make stuff like that.  I make stuff that is POTTERY, like, ART.  So, I can't stand the idea of making a soap dish. BUT, I dreamt about it and I like the idea of a cute little dish that could be, as a customer said to me last week:  "Oh I love these, I could use it for soap or rings or put cookies or candies on there!".  So below you can see what I did to consider a multi-purpose dish and also a soap dish....

Anyway, they treat me like a prince, whatta awesome shop, and here is part of my display and all the rest...have an awesome Thursday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

gluten-free brownies to DIE for and TWEE serving plates....

(serving muffin or cake stands by Gary Rith, muffins and brownies too!)
We live in TWEE times
(def. from somewhere on the internet):  excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.

24 year old women in Ithaca go down the street on vintage bikes with cute footwear.... (OK, yes, they are just as cute as they think they are...I doubt if many men have ever complained about this), men wear handmade hats with beards knitted on and then..... there are the cupcake stands.  This is part of our TWEE TIMES, as I see it.

Cupcakes themselves are totally TWEE.  But a cute decorated WEE little decorative stand to PUT ONE ON?  That is like TWEE SQUARED or twee taken to the nth degree...and I am OK with that :)

I have made larger ones for actual cakes or a bunch of cookies and made some small ones for, like, one muffin, cookie, cupcake, or even BROWNIE (as hard as it is to make a larger cake stand, HELLO!  Small ones are really EASY, note to self.....)

The picture below is my kitchen and odds and ends, including a yellow cake stand I use all the time, as you know.  The brownies are Bob's red mill brownie mix:  I make my own from scratch, and this was given to me and....well, it is a mind blowing (and healthy!) mix.  Gonna buy some for the case of emergencies...

You may need a new frog cup, right????? I wrote a haiku back when it was WARM, 2 days ago (yesterday morning was in the 60s but it went down to the 20s and snowed 3 inches!) And YES, haikus are twee, doncha think?

Spring sounds like a
Million peepers on the
Banks of Fall Creek

Of course, Fall Creek is the little river behind our house (or large creek). Peepers have something to do with frogs, right?  And they were LOUD.  Wonder what they are doing NOW...
Anyway, you can have this mug! From my etsy shoppe!frog mug Here is a twee band singing about BEING TWEE...and they are so cute....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TEAPOT TUESDAY number one and dreaming of TWINS!

small teapot with 2 cups and a beagle
(teaset by Gary Rith)

Before we get to more important items of business, let me tell you about dreams.
And let me preface this by saying I DO NOT do drugs! NONE! I am no flake! I don't even drink caffeine, but sure, the glass of white wine with dinner, sure, but that is about it.
But my dreams, GOOD GOLLY.  I make pottery in dreams, wake up and make them.
I live other people's lives, having their jobs and living their lives.  I wonder if I am psychic, because it is so vivid?
I have a PET in my dreams, as many of you remember:  my dream hamster Robert.  I have dreamt of Robert for years, he is like this living and breathing little fuzzy dude waiting for me to come back to him and put in some fresh pine shavings and some corn flakes.
Sometimes I even dream about my own life, but it can be WACKY SH!T.
I told you last month I dreamt the wife and I had a BABY.  I was shocked and surprised to find, as a childless but childish old man (as my parents remind me:  they were grandparents when they were my age) I was amazed at how much I really loved that baby, almost as much as I would love a puppy ;)

OK, so last night????? WACKY SH!T:
the wife and I were riding in a train moving to Chicago.  (20 years ago we moved AWAY from Chicago) When it came time to disembark, surprise! She went into labor and gave birth to twins.
My wife is the thinnest woman you have ever met in your life.  Her internal furnace must be something fierce, because she has the appetite of a heavyweight boxing champion.  Same weight, within a pound, since she was 13.  Her father and grandmother were the same, just the way some people are. (and she will kill me for writing all this, but she won't read this till later, soooo...)
Anyway, my point?  Would such a small woman have an easy time giving birth to twins on a train platform???  Well, my wife did, just popping out twins like it was just another task on the list to cross off, along with dusting and cleaning the telephone and microwave with a q-tip.

ANYWAY, these twins, a boy and girl, oh how I loved them!  They were so small, so alive.  So tiny, too, and like little wrinkled raisins.  I have very detailed, very vivid dreams, as I say, and feel it for real. I would be holding a sleeping baby in one room, she the other sleeping in the other room, and if one woke and started to cry, the other would do the could tell they had a connection.  The dream ended with "oh, we should name them!".
I had no ideas at first, but the wife said "I have always like Archer and Asher but I also like Giselle and Grace".  Later I would think of other names like Arthur, but although we did not finish deciding, you have to match first names to the last, so they sound nice, right? Ours is a short, one syllable last name, you have to think carefully. We were thinking Monica Rith and David Rith when I awoke....

Thursday I told you it was TEAPOT TUESDAY, but it didn't count because it was Thursday.  And that I would try to remember to start TEAPOT TUESDAY on ... Tuesday! I wrote it on my calendar, I remembered!

Don't you love this wee set, size of an orange with 2 golfball size cups?  For sale now at my etsy shoppe!

Monday, April 14, 2014

WHAT could be more cute?????

Look at this young dude, using my car bowl for his snack!  Kate and Jim's grandson Elijah KNOWS things taste better in one of my car bowls, tres cute, hmmm?

I told you yesterday I was making Vegan Stoner's pineapple pizza and holy CATS it is good. I have never had pineapple on pizza, and you KNOW I love pineapple...this pizza also has spinach and soy chorizo:  BRILLIANT.  I usually make my own gluten-free pizza crust, but had been given a Bob's red mill gf pizza crust mix and used it for the first time also...superb all around!

Why yes, the cat was checking it out in the oven and those are my bare toesies, cute, hmm?  Don't look too close...
The wife is super cute, as always, and will kill me if she finds I posted pictures I sorta almost maybe promised I wouldn't post....and then I did it TWICE.  I am bad.... have an awesome Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

improvisational cooking: "just so good I want to savor it" sez the wife

Do you know The Vegan Stoner?  Beautifully illustrated, fun, affordable, healthy, EASY cooking blog.  I have cooked items from the blog for some time but just got the cookbook and I am making my way through it!  The latest listing for pineapple pizza I am making tonight, for example.

Their idea is cheap, simple, healthy that anybody can do, and in a way that is SO easy.  The first recipe of theirs I tried cracked me up, the mac and peas, because it was just a couple of instructions including "a handful of this, a spoonful of that".  That is how I cook!

Last week we made their chili cheese fries (remember-no cheese, just a vegan cheesy sauce), pad thai on Friday, and because my cheese fries had no chili, I decided to try making their chili last night.  It basically says "fry a diced onion, dump some canned beans, corn and tomatoes in a pot with BBQ sauce and stir awhile".  And because I always creatively improvise cooking and this cookbook encourages it, I added diced carrot, bell pepper and spinach. Soooo yummy, and I paired it with Nicole Hunn's gluten-free on a shoestring's cornmeal flatbread, a new one for me, just a couple of ingredients baked in a skillet:  like, cornmeal and coconut milk mixed together, that is pretty much it! BUT WHAT a tasty, rich, crispy wonder :)  Have an awesome Sunday!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

the first morning WITH and the first morning WITHOUT and that f$%king mouse...

(piggy sculpture by Gary Rith)
I was all excited...the first half hour I was up this morning I got into my robe and was like "hey, the house is not too cold, maybe for the first time this winter I don't need to turn the heat on!"

It has been our coldest and longest winter ever.  I remember the blizzard at Thanksgiving, and we had never seen below zero in March.... but it has been nice the last couple of days, maybe even 80 Monday! Snow expected Tuesday, though, no joke....

Anyhow, the heat is on now, but still :)

In other news, I made these choco chip cookies yesterday and they are flippin' AWESOME.  Gluten-free from Bob's red mill!  I was given a mix, and although I always cook from scratch, this is a REMARKABLY tasty mix.  Mindblowing even.  My breakfast consisted of one of those, the first time EVER, with peanut butter on it, and a muffin I had made....

That f%$king mouse? Cheeky bastard.  I tossed the muffin paper into the compost under the sink.  I am sitting here with Spike the cat and FIVE minutes ago I hear rustling under the sink....and the paper is out of the compost and dragged toward the hole by the pipe.... this has happened so many mornings I can't count--this mouse loves muffin papers!  And where is my killer kat Spike in all this?  Asleep on the chair next to me....

Have an awesome Saturday :)

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