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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Godzillamonsterdinosaurdragon teapot

I don't think any words are necessary. other than "new teapot by me" :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

truth in advertising

Maybe I am a rarity, but I love raccoons (except the one who wandered across our yard one summer, looking like he was frothing at the mouth).

Aren't they funny and intelligent?  Yesterday was a very racoon-y day.  I got my favorite sun butter and ginger tea at the store, was working on drawing a new raccoon figure AND saw a dead raccoon down the road, flattened…dang.  ANYWAY, pandas are raccoon cousins, I have heard, but I don't live near pandas….

IN OTHER news, I like to get good boxes for pottery to hold my groceries at the coop.  (my shipping philosophy = SCROUNGE).  I don't eat the stuff from this bakery, but Spike and I are fond of their boxes, as you can see….. have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super WHAT?

Is this the Super Bowl nobody cared about? Maybe.  I don't think anybody in this house is paying much attention, although it seems like Carolina's turn, so I say good luck to them.  We will be at the late afternoon screening of Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts…the cartoons that could win an Oscar! Just after the wife and I became an item 24 years ago, this was one of our first dates, and every year we try to go, why wouldn't EVERYBODY?

As you can see from my new mugs below, I like animation and cartoons and comics, right?  Have an awesome day!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

are turtles anything but kindly?

I wonder, except for snapping turtles, and if you are not a bug or fish, turtles are pretty harmless aren't they?  And they always look so wise. Next to frogs, turtles have always been a favorite of mine. I wanted to use this new celadon glaze with turtles, and decided to try some green polka dots on there…good move, doncha think?

In other news, it is just a week until VALENTINE's day! Get your good pots here…..

blue piggy bankelephant muglight green piggy bank

Friday, February 5, 2016

loving little boxes

Have I said before how much I love little round covered boxes? Not really more complicated than 2 bowls, one atop the other, with a fitted lip so they seamlessly match together….this one has my NEW color scheme of flowers on minty blue… DANG I need to make more of these…
somebody mentioned that they like how my lid is obviously glazed all the way, not  fired together--the fitted part of the lid is on TOP, not bottom.. (later:  it occurs to me this would be nice as a covered rice bowl or small soup bowl, right?  Keep things hot…)

LOOK at this gorgeous old one from, I think Korea or China, the lid fits the other way and probably fired together, BUT GOOD GOLLY I LOVElovelove this !!!!!!

later addition:  look at THIS one 

…and here is a pitcher, also out of the kiln yesterday,  in my new celadon glaze with a new flower design I am trying…have a great Friday and weekend!

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