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Gary's third pottery blog

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Artist Market 2-8

Ithaca's Farmer's Market is housed in a huge permanent structure, roofed with 90 booths and open sides on the lakefront.  It couldn't be prettier, and today it is taken over by artists, muscians, food and me!  It is usually the busiest 6 hours of the selling year for me, and I am always surprised at all the people that I know!  I am also surprised at how quickly we got here, slow down summer!

SO, if you live in central NY, c'mon over today!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"so this is what being self-employed is like.."

You would think, based on yesterday's post where I was SWIMMING, and today's, that I do nothing!  Just have fun, one permanent vacation, a lifelong FANTASY CAMP.... but that was at day's end!
Well, days can start that way too, then you get to work.

I am NOT one of those people who goes camping or who gardens or does things involving mud, weeds and bugs.  But I love raspberries!  And raspberry jam!  We have wild raspberries growing around the house, but that is just a sampler compared going to MY FAVORITE FARM, Indian Creek, which is this cute little place on the west shore of Cayuga Lake...and self-employed people can go early on a hot day, before the heat and other people arrive (the wife was able to come along and that is when she said that about self-employed people)...oh GOODNESS the picking was EASY...and I found, I think, 10-12 four-leaf clovers too.... then I got back home to the dog sitting and pottery, really!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

shysters, slackers and slick cons....

Tuesday was hot.  The kiln was on full speed and finished, the rack of newly thrown pots complete, the dog sitting job (walking in the hot sun!) over and only one last thing to do Tuesday, a cat sitting job.  Which took me a few miles ... in the direction of my parents and their pond.

I earned that dip!

Had some funny dreams:  in one I walking in Chicago's busy  west Loop and along with a small crowd of other walkers raced across the street...apparently traffic ignored the lights at this spot and nearly all of us narrowly missed getting flattened!  At the far side, a young lawyer was walking around handing out business cards and asking if anybody was injured and wondered if they wanted to sue somebody? Then I walked into a store and everybody wanted glasses like mine!  So we used a magic xerox machine and made 11 copies....and charged the new owners 25 percent of the cost of the originals, whatta scam!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

free POTtery and a dog and pony show!

My old pal Cheri is like "we need to feature YOU at MY blog!" and I am like "we do?" and she is like "WE DO!" which kinda makes your day, honestly, I didn't realize I was that interesting.....  "We'll have a giveaway!" she tells me "we will?" sez I,  "We will! We'll have a dog and pony show, cake and ice cream, hire Adam Lambert to sing to the crowd and have a chocolate and pot giveaway!" she sez and I am like "Welcome to the HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" and she is like "well, a POTtery giveaway, with chocolate!".

DO IT.  Click these links, read about my apparent AWESOMENESS, check out Cheri, comment and WIN.

In other news, do you come home and your small adorable beagle attacks you with the LOVIN'????

Monday, July 21, 2014

mug shot Monday, ahoy!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)
Aren't these fun?  Ever since I fixed my broken kiln it has been going beautifully with a lot of rich colors and sheens, wowie! I need to make more....big week ahead, Ithaca Artist Market Friday 2-8 on the lakefront at the Farmer's Market, ho boy, that is gonna be fun!

You probably will be amazed to find that NOT everything I make has the wee dogs and frogs...lookit this fine pair of red polka dotted mugs I just added to my etsy shoppe! Have a look at those and everything else there! (click here for whole shoppe)pair of red and blue spotted mugs

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Campbell Meadow

We have a small river/large creek behind our house:  Fall Creek!  Bike or walk down a ways to the prettiest natural area, hiking, park:  Campbell Meadow.  We were alarmed in April after a difficult and stormy cold winter: Campbell Meadow destroyed by snow and ice!  But Mother Nature and the town made sure the place recovered... the flooded creek had thrown car sized blocks of ice on TOP of the picnic tables then...and now.... have a great Sunday!

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Me and Missus Tastycakes

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