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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teapot Tuesday and toads.....

I find myself barely awake this morning. Still in my dreams...where, as I am so often lately, back teaching at the school I worked at in the mid-90s.  The building was different and I spent the whole night trying to find my classroom.... this just after finishing Henry James' THE POTRAIT OF A LADY.  It is an extraordinary book.  I LOVED it.  But it is also an extraordinarily WORDY book, as is his style, and no doubt Hemingway's stripped down style in the following generation of American writers was inspired by the windy passages of James..... but you just have to accept its style as you do of other historical pieces, and enjoy it for what it is, a novel about a young woman who is admired for her fresh and independent mind who marries a sh!t.

SO, Monday I have all these experiments coming out of the kiln, and my goodness they ALL turned out is a froggy teapot and have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 29, 2015

strange bedfellows....

I was dreaming just now that I was visiting 2-3 other potters.  I respected their imagination and productivity but secretly didn't like their work much.  I imagined, in this dream, all of their work, and I wake up thinking:  "where did I travel to in order to see this, or did I invent it all?".  Because, do you see my point, otherwise I devised all of this work....and I don't like it much?  So like I say, maybe my brain left my head and went wandering, because why would I design and make (imaginary) work that I don't like.... or you could just say I'm nuts :)

We were up and out of bed Sunday, but not everybody got up.....and we have had SO MUCH rain, making most of the flowers pretty happy and the ducks too...have a great Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

equality and opportunity

You wonder what it takes for some to realize that it is the government's job to work for US, all citizens.
It has become common in recent years for a bullying "US vs. them" approach to politics, rather than a realization that politicians work for the people and not a few rich individuals or corporate interests.

In a conversation Thursday where I celebrated the fact that Obamacare survives and thrives with the Supreme Court's blessing, I was amazed at the other person's anger:  "THIS PRESIDENT crammed this down our throats and the next president will be a republican who will repeal it!"
(Crammed?  Work on universal health coverage began with Harry Truman in the 1940s...this is not new...)

No logic was given, just angry words.  Despite the fact that MY HEALTH insurance is Obamacare, and the person I was speaking with cares for me.  Am I an exception?  Is everybody else unworthy? Why is it OK for the military to have all the money it wants from citizens for protection but it is not OK for those same citizens, all of whom have health or sickness every day of their lives, to have the protection of health insurance?  Are public schools or police and fire departments available only to those who have a certain income or access?  Would we be better off if we had NO PUBLIC services at all?  Or do we sensibly realize we all work together for our mutual benefit and protection, which is an investment in making this a stronger and better nation? Better educated, healthier and able to be productive and tax-paying citizens.

I don't argue politics.  My only response, which took me 24 hours to formulate and I am only sharing with you is "I will forgive you for your views which were formed in the 1950s".

I suspect that Friday's ruling on marriage equality inspired that person to FAR HIGHER levels of indignation. Again, we are talking about citizens of the USA having access to the same rights as other citizens, not too complicated, really....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

maybe not these....

AS I KEEP SAYING I am making some cups and teapots for 3 different competitions, and I keep making more ideas...and I SWEAR that I have finally made the last of the possibilities,,,really!

I love these, but I don't think they will be submitted.  I need five different cups, and these are the sixth, and I do a lot with elephants, as you know.  But I think the Godzilla version of this will do it...more on this subject in a few days :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

getting cat vases out of my system

Too bad I didn't get a pic from the top, which is open so you can stuff flowers into your cat. They look cheerful, don't they?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

"them dogs sure like to walk!"

We had a very friendly neighbor from the country who would sit outside and say hello to us as we walked Penny down the street. She would marvel at the fact that we were walking AGAIN that day. YES, she likes to walk, and Penny would also jump into her lap.

Here are 2 new cups with that dog...

2014 winner

Me and Missus Tastycakes

Me and Missus Tastycakes

ME, the TV interview :)

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