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Gary's third pottery blog

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

blowin' the roof off....

Naw, just ordinary wear and age.  When we painted the house 2 years ago you felt like "WOW, that is a big and wonderful change!"  whereas replacing the roof is super expensive and....well, it is not this wonderful change you notice.  But like pumping the septic tank YOU GOTTA DO IT!

You wonder who would work on a roof, it is such AWFUL work, and I hired a company that only does that, every day.  We saw our neighbor's finished in 3 tidy days.  These guys had a good start but bad showers sent them home midday, they will be back for today's nice weather....
our poor dog and cat--I didn't think they would ACTUALLY arrive Monday morning, as promised, because, well, contractors, right?  And I came home from errands to find the house under siege and the dog and cat REALLY upset because of the noise and fuss.....
can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.... be wonderful if they were done Friday....or before :)

These excellent vases just came outta the kiln, you might need one! 2 for sale NOW at my etsy gallery!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

Monday, July 28, 2014

mugshot Monday and MORE

I am juggling a LOT of orders and shows and such, and the kiln is humming along daily....these guys just came out..... have an AWESOME Monday!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

bees' knees!

You probably look at my sugar bowl below and say "wow, that is the bee's knees!" and you would be CORRECT. Whenever I make something over the top but not TOO over the top but not TOO ordinary I am like "make MORE LITTLE GEMS!".

 Speaking of bees, I mentioned to the wife last week that we had not seen many wasps, hornets, yellow jackets so far this summer...and I said it was a mistake to say that, because Murphy's law.... and yesterday as I cut the grass? I notice below my feet a YELLOW JACKET NEST which I have just mowed...and I run. I was not stung this time, although the mower left in the yard was attacked by dozens....rain is expected now, so I took the tea kettle full of boiling water and a box of baking soda and gave them a dose now, before they are up....UGH. That should do it, though....worst was the one year they took over my basement door for a week or 2....I have noticed, happily, lots of honey bees and bumble bees on my pink flowers lately, and that is WONDERFUL. Have a great Sunday!

  (new pottery by Gary Rith)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"ask permission before you take photos"

I was here in town yesterday, on the waterfront at Ithaca Artist Market at the farmer's market.  Our farmer's market is HUGE, like the Empire State Building, and just as iconic (for Ithaca).  People come from around the world to eat curried cauliflower and buy striped eggplant on the lakefront...but one day a year it is all art. 80-90 of us!  It is a large permanent structure, and is awesome because all the booths are ready and waiting for you to simply add stuff (you don't need to pack tables!) under a roof (you don't need to pack a tent!) and you park next to your spot (NO SCHLEPPING!).

Customers get the lake, food, music, art, so 2-8 on a July Friday becomes a BIG party.

I go 12 months without seeing some people, and it is a HUGE homecoming for the town, seeing all your friends!  The wife came along and was a good luck charm, and I was easily able to exceed my goals for the day.

How to describe this.  Many people take my picture.  The pics above were taken by Stev0 and Nance.  But strangers?  Someone taking a picture of my whole booth and others is one thing, but I like to be asked.  Nobody ever asks.
A young woman who looked Chinese quickly walked up and grabbed my hippo teapot, positioned it just so, and started to take its picture before I jumped in front of it and warned her to get permission.  She and the people with her ran off.  It was probably innocent but.....the wife reminds me of scouts from Chinese industry going to stores and fairs and scooping ideas, no SH!T.......

......and ANYWAY......

here is the lakefront and docks--boats pull right up to the market....

My booth, down on the right with the wee blue table...

My best pal Christi Sobel was down the way....don't YOU want those hand painted shoes...or the cute kid who could wear them?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Artist Market 2-8

Ithaca's Farmer's Market is housed in a huge permanent structure, roofed with 90 booths and open sides on the lakefront.  It couldn't be prettier, and today it is taken over by artists, muscians, food and me!  It is usually the busiest 6 hours of the selling year for me, and I am always surprised at all the people that I know!  I am also surprised at how quickly we got here, slow down summer!

SO, if you live in central NY, c'mon over today!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"so this is what being self-employed is like.."

You would think, based on yesterday's post where I was SWIMMING, and today's, that I do nothing!  Just have fun, one permanent vacation, a lifelong FANTASY CAMP.... but that was at day's end!
Well, days can start that way too, then you get to work.

I am NOT one of those people who goes camping or who gardens or does things involving mud, weeds and bugs.  But I love raspberries!  And raspberry jam!  We have wild raspberries growing around the house, but that is just a sampler compared going to MY FAVORITE FARM, Indian Creek, which is this cute little place on the west shore of Cayuga Lake...and self-employed people can go early on a hot day, before the heat and other people arrive (the wife was able to come along and that is when she said that about self-employed people)...oh GOODNESS the picking was EASY...and I found, I think, 10-12 four-leaf clovers too.... then I got back home to the dog sitting and pottery, really!

Me and Missus Tastycakes

Me and Missus Tastycakes

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