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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

like before, and like, AFTER

(teapots by Gary Rith--I may have to keep the one on the right I love it SO---you can buy all kinds of awesome stuff from my etsy gallery, you know :)
WHY YES, still producing boatloads of pots...busy busy busy.....

When I am down at the salon, I always look ahead at the calendar and make an appointment with Rachel 2 months down the road. That is about the only brain power I waste on my hair. I show up, get the hair trim, gossip madly, make an appointment, ignore my hair for another 2 months. The pic above is what you could call HAT HEAD and I thought it was pretty funny.
You would love Rachel and Michelle's salon. Rachel looks like a glamorous movie star, but without the attitude and without the plastic surgery, and she has the magic fingers, and less than half an hour of gossip after I sit down I am shaking off and shoving my hat back on my head saying "Magnificent! I don't care what you do to my hair, its always perfect!" and Rachel is like "you are the only customer I have who says that" and she has the happy little smile in her voice. She won't let me take her picture. Strange world, eh? Kardashian's everywhere you turn and a genuine and friendly beauty like Rachel is like "no pictures of me please!".

People keep asking to see our snow. It is snow. We have plenty with more expected. It is a fact of life when you live near the Great Lakes: the wind just blows snow off the lakes and onto your house. Like my house, below, and downtown Etna, NY which consists of the post office.....


Kimberly said...

Cold enough for ya!!!??? I'm freezing. been freezing for a week now!!

Unknown said...

I am completely stunned that we don't have snow yet... I fear that it means when it does snow, Mother Nature won't hold back. Yikes! ;)

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I always love the way my hair looks as I leave the salon, and I'm afraid to admit it doesn't look that way again until I'm leaving the salon the next time. Ah well. I suppose if I cared all that much, I'd pay more attention. I'm rather a sloth, I guess... which is why I NEVER WANT TO LIVE IN THE SNOW! OMG. That's too damn cold and too damn much work for me. Looks fiercely cold.

A said...

I love the haircut - and you sure have an adorable salon owner :-)

As for the snow: southern parts of Belgium got over 30 cm (1 foot), although downtown Antwerpen, belgium has been cleared.

After many decades in rainy/cold Belgium I only wish we could move south to the Med.

Unknown said...

Ele teapots are awesome!!!! The haircut is cool and the snow you can keep ;o)))

Anonymous said...

Your house looks so awesome in the snow -- it really brings those colors out!
We are COLD here. COLD!!!! My 18yo insisted on biking to school yesterday with only a sweatshirt and gloves beyond his usual t-shirt, jeans, and water shoes (aqua socks? Whatever you call 'em -- he hates real shoes). He says the gloves saved him from frostbite. His head was tucked down so far to avoid the wind that he rode right into a parked trailer! Minor injuries (bloodied lip from his own teeth) so I laughed when he told me... but when he was late again today, I took pity and drove the 1.5 miles to school. Our wind chill has been about 12 degrees. I'm wearing a scarf in the house! SnakeMaster filled a plastic tub with water last week and now it is solid ice.
It's supposed to warm up to 45 degrees on Sunday and rain on us. I'd rather have snow.

PS: My hair looks like that first pic today, too, only longer! ;)

Unknown said...

I hate the cold and snow...great Haircut! Although I liked the "Mad Scientist" look also...I wouldn't mind the snow if it only lasted one month, but alas, it's months....brrrrr :(

kate et jim said...

For being only 3 hours up the road, you've got a lotta snow there, Gary!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Your stylist sounds awesome!

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