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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April = Awesome!

Don't you loooooove April?

4 years ago today!

Some of you know this story, and I am realizing today is a big day. 4 years ago today we signed the papers on our purple house in Ithaca and moved in! Twas an unusually hot 70 degree day (sure isn't warm today...but due to warm up tomorrow!)
We had lived in New Hampshire in our first house, seen below a couple of clicks, for over ten years.
Here is the missus and our old dog Petey on our first arrival in this house. He was nearly 19 years old, and that evening he came in, looked around, and fell asleep on a trash bag. He was the absolute BEST little dog, and passed away 6 weeks after we moved in. It really was like he wanted to help us move and get settled, and then his work was, I miss him....

And here is our house in the New Hampshire woods. It was small, but had skylights, wood floors, was wide open inside on its own little hilltop at the end of a dirt road, woods all around. We still own the land across the street, 3 house lots, and at the bottom of this post you can click the link and buy them from us :)

So here is the missus in fron of THIS house last summer....

...and here is the purple house in January :)
Come visit!

(you can find the land listed here, and buy it! This realtor, go to the QUICK SEARCH button and put in Mls Number: MLS#: 2794293)

le pigs

(mugs by Gary Rith)

There was a sad pig with a tail
Not curly, but straight as a nail.
So he ate simply oodles
Of pretzels and noodles,
Which put a fine twist to his tail.
-Arnold Lobel

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the KITTEN haiku:

I was taking pics of our chubby old kitten Emily and sipping a wee dram when it occured to me I ought to write a wee little haiku:
Silly kitten knows:
Ears, face, whiskers, mouth, tongue,
Are funny sideways.

Brilliant. Nighty night all :)


Bad Azz Beagle!
So Penny is helping me FB this morning, as you might expect, and later I notice she is hanging around our Easter Beagle display (you will notice the hopeful Sunshine Snoopy on the right, the one with sandals) because of course we have 3 stuffed Easter Beagles, and then, rather rudely to my mind, Georges Le Soq sees the camera and he jumps in saying "me, photograph ME!" although I don't know what he has to do with beagles OR Easter...

"cats don't eat peanut butter, do they?"

The wife settles in for the French roast, the 5 grain porridge and the bagel with PB and J and Emily, our chubby old kitten, settles in with her. And is checking out the bagel (Emily kitten LOVES cream cheese, but there was none today)
"wait, you don't like peanut butter" sez the wife to the kitten sniffing the bagel, but the wife takes a finger full of pb and holds it out "OHMYGOD she is eating the peanut butter!" sez the wife and, do I have to tell you, the kitten comes back for MORE....kinda waiting for the HURLING sound from the closet now...

Speaking of cats and all, check out this totally groovy painted pair of cups and saucers I made :)

mmm, sounds so good, esp. with the crowd having so much fun....

Monday, March 29, 2010

BENJI, Penny and GEORGES go commando....

Well, Penny and Georges were commando anyway, you can tell because they NEVER wear pants...or undies.....(read more about Benji's undies HERE)

ANYWAY, Penny is quite portable....and yesterday the wife is like
and I am like "YES ma'am" and then.....

today I am like "gosh, shall I boil up some frozen spinach for dinner???" and the wife is like
"MAKE PIZZA, BOY" and I am like, grabbing the yeast and the flour and saying
"YES ma'am"

today midday Benji calls from from the road
"dude, whassup?" and I am like
"whassup???" and it goes back and forth for several minutes like that dumb TV AD years ago for Bud, and it turns out Benji is on the road because one of his girlfriend's fish tanks sprang a leak and he was awakened from a sound sleep at 11:30 this morning, and like, called into action to save this sexy young Blonde's FISH.
Un huh. Right.
Anyway, he comes on over to talk STRATEGY and art and blogging and we gossip about YOU (we really did! honest!) and there is the usual dog cuddling and tussle with the ever obnoxious Georges Le Soq....

the VERY windy day...

(dishes by Gary Rith) Becky Jo last week is like "I am making little tiny dishes for teabags" and I am like "hey, I could try that!" and she is like "make a piggy on its back showing its belly!" which is a brilliant idea, and then I made some others....I'd say they are good for lots of things, even as spoon rests or as a small candy dish....

Twas a totally windy day yesterday, windy and COLD but we took one of the kites over to the park and holy cats twas fun....

Emily lets it all hang out---you probably don't want to visit us anymore, do you, seeing how we act at the table with the cats and dogs....

Tony came along to fly kites....

That little speck in the middle is me and the kite, Mount Pleasant in the back ground

this is the wife's back, looks kinda stormy eh?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"are you hawt mama? you sure look that way to me..."

I will try to keep the wife away from the computer today. Yesterday she is like
"that's enough with the YES YES dream blog posts. You can get away with it this time" and I am like,
"oh yes, sure" but look at me, pushing that envelope again
(the first 2 years I blogged the wife forbade me to blog her, but then I started to ignore her wishes)
She is looking tres cool here with this graffiti, NO?

In other news, this being supposedly a POTTERY blog, here is a pair of sitting piggy banks. I like the usual kind of piggy bank, but those are a common idea, this is MY idea. The sitting piggy with the slot in the back.

Goofy Kim (below under the pile of dogs etc), also known as farmer Kim, is like "I am coming up for a tractor conference and we are like "sure thing! Viva Tacos for the 5th Saturday out of 6????"

...mmmm, you love Blondie....

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It is 5:23 early this Saturday morning and we are all awakened by the wife screaming in her sleep "YESS! YESSS!" and the dogs were awake and hungry so I sent them out and fed them and went back to bed and had one of my own "YES YES!" dreams....

(pots by Gary Rith--new glaze on the right hand piece, awesome isn't it? I forgot to sharpen the image OH WELL)
Penny and Emily showing some rare sisterhood...

Friday, March 26, 2010

so ends a SASSY week....

Friday afternoon, you KNOW I am down at the Cornell pot shop with Tommy and all and thence sliding down the hill for the celebratory beers at the Chapter House bar...
Nobody invited Georges Le Soq, but he somehow hitched a ride. He was like "mon AMI I am wearing ze, how you say, PARTY SHIRT" and we are like "uh huh" and stuff him away in the bag....
Tommy was, of course in fine form, and we have managed to get Beth dislodged from her young kids so she can act like a kid herself for a little while....she has a huge mega-watt movie star smile doesn't she?
WHY SAY, moi and milady Maude.....

well yes, things did get a little wild....

the lady takes a (brief) vacation

Cornell has spring break this week (and the B/ball team probably lost to KY last night, right? Or do they play today?) and the missus took a couple of days and I didn't have to teach, so, you know, we went to LUNCH. We wanted FRIES.

Glenwood Pines is on this gorgeous hillside above the lake. Nice shot of us standing on the lake, eh? (where did the lake go? Taking pics of yourself tis a challenge)

Looking at this, you might think I had been working hard. You would be mistaken. BTW, if you are ever looking to get a beagle? Get the smaller, cuter size. A LOT more useful.

Saw that stupid movie THE HANGOVER last night. This tune was on there, and I love it so, and I squiggled it down on my hand in the dark as a reminder....

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