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Gary's third pottery blog

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the MOTHER of all cute little pots.....

I showed you pics of this last week as I worked on it, finished and fired now and looking tres good. I like how with elephants, you can joke around that they have the 2 hands PLUS that trunk, like to hold and pour opens up, so it could be a sugar bowl or ring box or something....

(new pottery by Gary Rith)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

boatload of CLPs

(new pottery by Gary Rith)
CLP= cute little pot, have a great day everybody!

Monday, August 29, 2011

speaking of peaches...

You will recall we bought a boatload of peaches this week from a peach farm. We made 9 little jars of peach jam Sunday! Great hurricane activity, cold and wet outside, hot peach goodness inside......we just had some of it---tres aweSOME!

Speaking of peaches, this music video is tres hysterical--do you think bands want to do music videos just so they get a chance to kick ninja ass?

Sunday, August 28, 2011


You will remember that yesterday I was telling you about the CLP, or cute little pot, and the recent series started last week with the awesome zebra things I was making, now seen above, just outta the kiln. I don't know if you can ever make enough wild zebra creamers and sugars, eh?

In other news, me and my BFF the wife metup with StevO my photographer and will note, in the photos below:
a) my little 5 foot 9 self JUST fits under the alien sculpture on the Ithaca commons, BUT
b) StevO is extremely tall, but he says to me "get my picture with it stepping on my head" and you're like "HOLY CATS, there he goes, down on the ground, with his head....!!!!"
c) you will note that the wife took our picture outside Viva Taqueria with the burritos, and CLEVERLY used the window reflection to get herself in the shot...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

CLP or the little gem....

I was talking last week about making A LITTLE GEM, and so I set out to make a bunch of sugar bowls and creamers and such, each with a lot of imaginative work in them, and here is the first out of the kiln...a CLP, or CUTE LITTLE POT, if you will :) I just got into a big deal ART FAIR yesterday happening in 29 days...I need a boatload of CLPs for that........have an awesome weekend!

In other news, check out this happy little mug below, for sale now at my etsy gallery!
more wag less bark dog and cat mug
more wag less bark dog and cat mug

AND enjoy this excellent music video, it might make you wag more!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Eliz. and I are rejoicing recently "hey, you live in New York now, and you're from Lincoln, Nebraska? ME TOO!" was about how it went. I suspect, frankly, that everybody who lives in New York and NY city is from Nebraska or one of those places...ANYWAY, Eliz, is like "my dad still lives there, and he calls it Stinkin' Lincoln!" and we both yuck it up over that, pretty funny, good sense of humor DAD! So, natch, she wants a mug for him, and I am like
"Stinkin' Lincoln = PIGS"

party party par-TAY!

We were invited to the big artist party at Aurora Art and Design Center, where I have been a member and exhibitor since the place opened about 18 months ago...such a gorgeous and pretty place, and thanks to the manager, Jacci, in green dress with camera below, fantastic artists on display. Met Mark Groaning last night, in striped pink shirt here, fantastic little sculptures...
On the way up the lake on a GORGEOUS summer day we went to the peach orchard...holy CATS what heaven in a basket, and we have so many peaches we are gonna make jam this weekend....AND stopped at the sunflower farm too, to see the ocean of yellow goodness waving in the wind....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

blood and guts, skull and crossbones....

Just like the first day of school, I get blood drawn at the clinic and the wife gets a happy photo of me outside. I was tempted to bring the camera INTO the clinic but the wife was like "that is SO GROSS nobody wants to see you with a needle and tubes, having blood drawn!". I got a Garfield band aid, asked for it especially! The wife took me to breakfast after, because fasting is NO FUN. In other news, vis a vis back to school, check out my new SKULL AND CROSSBONE UNDIES! Badass, hm,mm? I have matching socks too.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the story of wee Johnny

My doctor tells me some months ago when I turned 45 "you should come in for a physical" and I am like "I had one a few years ago, when I was 40. I will be back when I am 50." And she is like "you should come every year. You have your car inspected every year!" and I was like "hmmm", thinking I will come now, then when I am 50. Twice a decade should be good enough, as long as I remain a superb specimen of the human species, feeling like I am in glowing good health.

We chose our doctor when we were new to town and given a list--I loved her name! She has the prettiest and most interesting name, and her office is nearby. Turns out she is our age and fantastic, and, well, you later think to yourself "this one lady has, um, put her hands onto me and my wife, in, well, intimate places....she has boldly gone where no spouse would go" you could say.

You don't want to look all nasty when you are having a physical, which made me notice my grotty toes. I trimmed those nails, buffed them to a shine, good as new! BUT, the socks never came off, how disappointing! Shouldn't a physical include the FEET, at least a brief glance? But, well, she was thorough in every other regard, of course, COUGH.

I unloaded all the crap from my pockets when they weighed me. Nurse probably wondered why there was a camera in my pocket. And they tell me I have grown! I am 5 nine! The wife tells me, in a matter of fact way "but they didn't tell you to take off your shoes!" but its kinda fun to feel like I have grown from five 8, even if it is fake. I am sitting here feeling faint-ish, needing my breakfast but s'posed to go give blood.....

Now, as for wee little Johnny. What a useless item those little tops are, aren't they? Not even worth stealing.
(also, our dogs below--old Buster's back legs are so tired! Penny is such a clown)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

more wag, LESS BARK!

A year or 2 ago I was driving down the street and saw it MORE WAG, Less bark on a car bumper and thought it hilarious. *I decided last week to, DUH, put a grinning beagle on a mug with a cat and have them say it, but tried these magnets first......I followed Penny yesterday, got good examples ...she is a great model, oh yes....
*and by some psychic miracle, Cheryl, one of my awesome imaginary cousins, posted a pic on FB of that saying on a bumper sticker just as I was planning this----it is in the AIR

Monday, August 22, 2011

a cat's tail.......

The wife is laying out a blouse project to sew...Spike has been helping.....

You may need a new zombie mug or some other awesome item from my etsy gallery, just added!

zombie muggodzilla-type mug

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