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Thursday, September 30, 2010

a day with Georges Le Soq....

Cheri is like "I need Georges Le Soq mugs!" and its like
"Cheri, who doesn't need Georges Le Soq mugs?????"

Georges was getting around yesterday and he thought he might get frisky with Penny but she just sorta grabbed him and then fell asleep on top of him....later in the day, of course, he is like out to make another pizza (hooray Georges!) and was poking through the fridge looking for toppings that were new and unusual and he comes across these meatless meatballs in the freezer. he is like
"meatless meatballs??? What ees in dere?????????????" and I am like
"I dunno Georges, the less we know the better..." and it was a stunningly tasty pizza :)

one great day after another....

(pottery by Gary Rith)
Oh golly things have been great. Hope you are doing well too :) More later!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

we went with the oatmeal...

I was like "peanut butter or oatmeal cookies???" and threw it out to the eeny meeeny miney moe gods and got OATMEAL. My recipe adds dried cranberries, chocolate and nuts, and makes 2 pans of enormous cookies. Emily cat thought they looked good. After dinner me and the wife are like, stuffed, but I am like "look at this poor orphan cookie, let's put it out of its misery". And we did.

how did that get into the house????

(nice pottery eh?)
Yesterday I hear all this racket in the living room and go out and find the 2 dogs all excited and Spike and Emily cats running around with a BIRD. Spike had the bird, Emily was being unhelpful. Spike is chubby and unhungry, so luckily he had not harmed the bird and I took it away without any trouble. He sure acted like the cat that ate the canary though, so pleeeeeeased with himself. Anyway, I set the poor bird on the back porch and it was gasping and trembling. I pet its back and went in. I came back and it wasn't panting and trembling and again I rubbed its back and I was like "CAMERA" and went back for it, at which point Mr Bird took off. I guess he was OK. I have NO idea how it got into the house....

PENNY: still cute :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

stuff in our car....

What is in your car? Our car is 2005 but too new (one month with us!) to be loaded down with the usual crapola. BUT, some things made the move. Like the NY maps, and some of my stuffed toys. The brown dog on the upper left was given to us when we had our first car, a red subaru wagon, by one of our students. It is a brown beanie baby dog, looked just like our first dog PETEY. Petey was a corgi-beagle mix, a cute and tough little dog who lived to nearly 19. First car, first dog, first stuffed toy in the car, and it has been in every car we had since (4 or 5). The Snoopy and black lab next to Petey were found in various parking lots several years ago, and that is EXACTLY what we have for real now, Buster the black lab and Penny the beagle. Then a couple of weeks ago we found the little unicorn, which fits perfecty into our new ashtray, the first new toy for this car.


the playoffs....and other such controversies.....

(pottery by Gary Rith)
You sorta wonder if the Yanks have been eating their Wheaties, or if they realize that a team beneath their notice (Tampa has a baseball team???? when did that happen????) is on top of the division.
So then you watch ELMO! Is her outfit revealing? If we lived in Iraq, I would say YES. If we lived in France, it wouldn't be revealing until she was down to just her perfume, and even then.....

Monday, September 27, 2010

right on right on...

You could buy something like this at my etsy gallery, YES YOU could, or come here to my open studio this Saturday or one of the following weekends!

road trip: Cooperstown may be the prettiest town in the world

I had been invited to the NY state vessels invitational exhibit held at the Cooperstown Art Association, about 2+ hours drive from Ithaca. It went very well, and was an honor to be asked. I sold stuff, and Saturday we returned to grab the leftovers. BONUS: they asked me to become a member, and come back and participate in their holiday show. HECK YEAH! The art association galleries are in this ancient stone building with columns.

We brought Penny and peanut butter sandwiches. It was like 72 and sunny, golden trees everywhere, and Cooperstown's waterfront and mountains are absolutely beautiful.

ANOTHER BONUS: driving home we wondered if we would find Butternuts Brewery. You hear me talk about cow beer or pig beer, because there are cows or pigs on the Butternuts Brewery cans. We tripped over the brewery and did a sudden pull off--I was so excited! I love cow beer and pig beer! So, the brewery is in this old barn in the middle of nowhere, run by CHUCK, seen here. There are no visitor centers or tastings or anything, just big tanks, a canning machine, Chuck, and a woman in the background enjoying a pint. There is all kinds of construction going on outside, who knows what Chuck here is planning? Like maybe that tasting bar and store we all might like to visit...We told Chuck we had looked long and hard to find him and that we love the beers, the cans, and the website.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Georges Le Soq and the spicy tasty trashy yummy pizza!

My rotton French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is like "I cook tonight mon ami"
and I am like
"great, another mess to clean"
he is like
"vil be MOST tasty, ees tots and...." he is tearing through the fridge
"ees tots and zee hot peppers pizza"
and goshdarnit, twas ridiculously delicious!

I have lots to share...

...and I will post when it is ready, meantime, dig this!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

shakin' it....

Penny gets really excited about her dinner. I got 3 quick shots of her dancing around while I was getting her bowl ready.
Stevo came over late Friday. Penny likes to show off her pink spotted belly....

Stevo is driving around with these murder implements. He is a photographer and is hoping to get this spooky guy to let him take a series of pictures. I dunno, would you hand a spooky guy implements of destruction like this and turn your back? I think not....
Georges Le Soq, my rotton French sock monkey is like
"I will tell everybody about you_________ unless you give me my due. I vant service or I TELL everybody on facebook about when _____" and I am like "shut it Georges! Fine. Chardonnay?"

All the ladies want to sleep with Spike. First Penny then later Emily....

Friday, September 24, 2010

desperately seeking Wendy....

We have a leeeetle mystery here. The phone rings for Wendy Thompson way more than it ever rings for us, collection agencies, banks and such. Yesterday somebody called 6 times--same number, and when I picked up it told me to HOLD. You rang me and want me to hold? The readout said GM credit but when I hit call back the number reached smallmart's bad account service. I said DON'T CALL anymore! She said Wendy Thompson had given this as her number. I said it was mine, never heard of her, and they said they would make the change. Just the latest.....
so today I ask at our tiny village PO--anybody named Wendy Thompson here? Nope! Check the county phone book--no Wendy. I'd like to meet her and say some appropriately loud and insulting things to her....

Just added a lot of hot new stuff to my etsy gallery, have a look!

a rather odd color and Penny treats Spike like a pork chop....

Well, Spike and Penny are best buddies, and Spike can go anywhere he wants, but he puts up with Penny's exuberant behavior...
below is a bunch of monster mugs, on their way to Manndible Cafe whose logo is, indeed, a mug about to eat the drinker....
Below is this glaze test, holy cats it is MUSTARD! Or curry powder! Supposed to be blue-green! Not sure what I think of it, but it is growing on me...

I was walking to the car after teaching class at Cornell yesterday, YES, tis very pretty on campus and around Ithaca....
and like I say, PORK CHOP

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