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Friday, May 7, 2010

"Is he gay?"

I bump into Joan yesterday and she tells me
"My colleague and I drove past your house today." and I was like
"My purple house???" and she was like
"Yep." and she goes on
"I said I know who lives there, and the guy I was driving with" and she is DYING with laughter
"The guy I was driving with asked: 'is he gay?'" and now she is dying with laughter, and I am DYING with laughter and she says
"well, my colleague is gay, but I said NO, you are not, and not available either"

Awesome pottery here, eh wot??? Julie asked for cat-doggy decorated bowls and then this is my first PIGGY teapot, fresh from the kiln.

(pottery by Gary Rith)


Gordo said...

People make the weirdest assumptions about others ... I've never understood the obsession with other folks' proclivities, either. I like the purple. :-D

Reverend Awesome said...

Perhaps it wasn't an assumption but a hope. That's how I read it anyways. If you see a purple house you want to know all about who lives there.

Personally, I like to know who's doing it with who. Is it my business? Maybe not. Do I care that it's not my business? Not really.

Anonymous said...

Piggy teapot is awesome!!!!

Dez said...

LOVE, LOVE your piggy teapot and doggie/cat bowls!!

Liz said...

I had purple floors in my house in Fredericton, they made me smile!

Paula Henderson Pottery said...

I wish I had the confidence to paint my house purple!
I will have to settle for purple shirts.
Love the PIG!!! (Maybe she needs purple toes.)

Unknown said...

That piggy teapot is not only adorable but also downright huggable! Can't think of any other teapots I've ever felt that way about, either.

Barbara Martin said...

Awesome piggy teapot, Gary. I have to sign off soon as there's a huge thundercell outside.

Mr. Young said...

Oink! Oink!

Cheryl said...

I really like your house colors, a colorful spot on the map indeed. The piggy teapots are suuuuwwwweeettt!

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