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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more along those lines....

I am finding with this series:
a) the shell, directly below, added is very difficult for me to do for some reason, back to the drawing board, although maybe I should simply make another spiral to play with? LOVE spirals, but love shells too...
b) ruffly top? YES, like it
c) bowls???? YES, works OK there


Cal said...

Is it just me, or do the unglazed pieces look like elephants, with eyes and trunks? Especially the tall pitchers!

Cheryl said...

I really like the shells. All the pieces are great.

Kimberly said...

The grooves make the vases look almost somewhat feminine.

laura weant johnson said...

love the bowl shape--gorgeous!

Susan as Herself said...

Yes---these vases are very much like the female form. And I have always adored spirals for some reason---I have several spiral pieces of jewelry.

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