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Sunday, May 2, 2010

we get muddy, we get glamorous

Saturday was like, go sweat and hike and walk through the woods and over the mud, come home and change, then go to a super glam art opening....

(Stevo and his dawg Tank)
Yesterday morning I hear from my photographer friend Stevo early, and it is due to be a gorgeous day, so we ask him if he'd like to come along with us to PARADISE. I wrote about Paradise last weekend---you drive to the top of Mount ***** and then you pull off the road and head up a path into the ***** forest and at a certain point you leave the path and head down into a pair of gorges where two waterfalls meet and form a huge swimming pond: PARADISE. Penny hates other dogs, but she likes Tank and her new friend here, the frog.

THEN, of course, we had this glamorous party to attend at AADC, a gallery I am involved in with some Felicity Miller here with the wife....Felicity has one of those British accents that you just love...

And above, here is Jacci on the left, she runs AADC and is a photographer, and of course, below, Benji with part of his display--paintings by his left shoulder, so YUMMY, lookit at the one that is a painting in a box!


Anndi said...

What fun! And that painting in a box is awesome indeed!

It's a good thing Georges LeSoq wasn't there... you know the French and frog legs...

Gallow said...

Tank couldn't stop talking about the hike.

Unknown said...

I want to go to PARADISE! :)

Looks like you had a fantastic Saturday. Wish I was there instead of at a wedding where I didn't know anyone. ;)

Liz said...

Painting in a box!!!! yay Benji!

Reverend Awesome said...

I need to go on a hike. Those are beautiful pictures.
When you were in Iowa did you ever go to Ledges State Park? So pretty.
I want to take a canoe trip through there. Not with Scott though. Worst canoer on earth.

Anonymous said...

You live in such a pretty area.

Cheryl said...

Wow, what a beautiful spot! I can see why it is Paradise. I loved the shot of the ledges, neat pattern. I am glad that Penny likes her new friends, dog and frog. As for the party, woo-hoo, definitely glam.

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