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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Georges Le Soq is NOT on fire

My rotton French sock Monkey Georges Le Soq is like
"mon ami, today we, how you say, BARBECUE" and I am like "you, play with fire??? Now way" but he is persistant
"mon ami, we grill the STEVO way" and I am like "you mean, with foil?".
2 weeks ago Stevo was telling me about using foil and grilling veg burger, potato and the rest. I guess Georges was listening. You never think Georges is paying attention, then he surprises you.

The wife called this hunter's stew from Girl Scouts, and it worked so beautifully and easily I was pretty shocked.

Grilling veggies and all with Georges Le Soq, thank you Stevo:

--get your little grill warmed up
--take a big square of foil and rub a little oil around
--chop very thinly: carrot, onion, potato, dump onto foil with some veggie burger
--I added garlic, bl pepper and habanero hot pepper sauce
--add 2 spoons water, fold foil into a tight packet, one packet for each person
--set on grill for 20 minutes, then flip packet over for another 20 mins
--EAT!!! Kinda surprising how tasty this is!!!!
And with a bunch of guests? One packet for everybody, soooo easy!


Liz said...

in freddy, where its a million degrees and humid in the shade, we had a rule , if it ain't cooked on the barby, it 's eaten RAW. we can barbeque anything....

MH said...

Since Georges is French we should forgive him for not knowing that the word barbecue is not a verb.

Susan as Herself said...

I do those little foil packets in the oven too. Delicius!

Kimberly said...

Its a twist on the movie "Big Night". Georges is playing a loveable version of Stanley Tucci.

shrink on the couch said...

my husband's family calls this dish "boy scout potatoes" .. only minus the carrots. though, now that you mention it, carrots sound like a yummy addition. bon appetite!

Jen Mecca said...

All I want to know is when will George get a girlfriend? ( or a guy friend...)

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