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Saturday, May 15, 2010


My pal **** has a daughter getting married, as I have mentioned, who wanted a particular kind of jar for the wedding, where guests could throw money into the big jar then later, once the money is safely in the bank, the jar could sit in the couple's new kitchen, full of Girl Scout cookies. I made this rather superb jar below, and the bride to be noticed it had a SATISFYING resemblence to a famous honey jar....

(pottery by Gary Rith)

We were down at the Chapterhouse last night, as you might expect. Twas good times, as you see the wife here making a point to Stevo, and below that, Christi is about to drive to some distant lake for a week or two, and I though she might need a wee little pig sculpture for her mirror...(PIGS: the new fuzzy dice for for your mirror)

And, um, YES, I did carve my name into a table last night AND draw on a lampshade...


Jay said...

That's a cool cookie jar. And it would be even cooler full of money.

Reverend Awesome said...

Well holy cow! That's a pretty honey/money pot!
That's an adorable idea. Little pigs instead of fuzzy dice. Fuzzy dice are so tacky.

Ron said...

yummm that's a buttery yellow jar. nice

Anonymous said...

Or elephants instead of furry dice!!
Looove the yellow pot!

Nicki said...

Does that mean it is no longer the demon lamp?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Y'all are such a hoot! I must find a way to join y'all at the Chapter House!!!

Cheryl said...

Love the pretty yellow jar...does indeed remind me of a hunny pot. I'm sure the Chapterhouse will one day be marked as a historical place.....

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