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Thursday, May 20, 2010

you have to admit, she is a cute doggy

The vet is like, and she has a 13 inch beagle herself,
"Penny has unusually large ears you know" and also "OH! She is just adorable!" and I am like
"well, she isn't exactly an angel" and the vet is like
"My little beagle has gotten into the habit of napping on the kitchen table, but how about Penny?" and I say
"well, she isn't obedient" and the vet is like
"that's to be expected with a beagle"
"plus", I add "she is missing a nipple" and the vet is like
"NO!" and flips Penny over and rubs that soft sweet belly, discovering its true and I explain our theory
"we figure that is why she ran off from her first home after she gave birth: one of her little puppies went CHOMP and did an accidental nipplectomy and so Penny was like 'I AM OUT OF HERE' and ran off......and later into our lives..."


Daryl said...

It broke my heart which is why I am trying to help ... thank you!!!!!!!

Karen Jensen said...

You're right. I have to admit it.

SLADE said...

i can't blame penny to run away as i'm sure a nipplectomy must %&*# hurt.

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