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Saturday, May 8, 2010

AZZLESS CHAPS IN PUBLIC: kids, don't do this at home

We are at VIVA with Goofy Kim and there they go: Two YUPPIES IN AZZLESS CHAPS pull up out front on overpriced shiny new motorcycles and head for the HIPPY bar across the street for lunch on the sidewalk. YES, the HIPPY bar. Probably the only place that allows AZZLESS chaps in town. KIDS, do NOT do this at home, or anywhere else. No wait, she has a nice azz I am noticing now that I am zooming in on these pics, but DUDE, LEAVE THE CHAPS AT HOME.
You can see below that there is MUCH to love about Viva, like the hippos here and there, and this kickin' PIGGY who loves me.


Unknown said...

!!!!!! Chaps!

Unknown said...

Tjat painted hussy. YOu get out of there riught now, Gary!

Jill Brown said...

Oh my!!!

Cheryl said...

Lordy. If I could only wear them and be 18 again....

Miss Heather said...

You're hilarious! ALL chaps are assless... there's not any other kind... and they protect your legs and pants when you ride motorcycles... yes, they look ridiculous and yes, I would have made fun of them too... BUT there is a reason for their fashion flop! :)

Unknown said...

too funny! My sister has chaps.... and a Harley! and is not exactly a yuppy, but ya know, its close.

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