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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today me and some friends open up the COOLEST internet group evah, the BAMF ART BLOG BUNCH. I was first thinking it would be me selecting 3 of my favorite badass art blogs, then I realized it is gonna be BIG (hmm, BBABB? Big Bamf Art Blog Bunch? No.)
It all happened as I drove down the road, thinking "what makes a really interesting blog?" I wrote it on my hand when I came to a stoplight.
-interesting (of course!)
-frequent postings
-the person is genuinely modest yet
-great at self-promotion and
-bold and
-FUNNY and maybe most important of all
-regularly reads and comments on my blog because it is
-truly a bunch of blog friends

Kasey Baker, aka Captain Awesome, Reverend Awesome, KC and auntie is an illustrator, graphic designer, painter, comic, sharp-tongued wit, ADVICE COLUMNIST, babelicious brunette, whose blog turns one today, and most importantly, she reads my blog every day and drew punk bunny who is the BABB mascot. So go dig KC's blog....

This is what KC said about all this:
"Oh Gary! That's awesome! I love it! What an honor!
BAMF Art Blog. A brain trust. Except, my blog isn't really an art blog. It's of no matter! The art of being an ass. That's my specialty. "

AND coming soon there will be more members added and somehow a button with links to the whole gang....


Unknown said...

Perfect! Kasey's blog is all of those things, plus the evil/drunken/ argyle clothed bunny is very representational of our little group. ;)

Liz said...

AWESOME!!!! Such an exciting day!

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh me. Looking so very angry at an easter egg hunt! Little did I know it would only last 2 minutes and I'd really have something to be mad about other than the sun.

Gary, I am thrilled. I can not thank you enough. I really am honored. I'm so glad I started a blog a year ago cuz I got to know you and now not a day goes by where I don't wonder what Gary and Maude are up to.

BABB 4 Life!

Susan Hasbrouck said...

Awesome! The world needs more BABBs!

SLADE said...

The art of being an ass.

love it!

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