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Saturday, May 1, 2010

one of my dirty little secrets which also happens to be a great tip for GUYS

(the wife comes upon one of my piles)
OK, its true, I am the house husband here, since, you know, the wife goes out to work and I spend all my time in my jammies and bathrobe fiddling with clay and blogging. So my duties are the usual, cooking which I LOVE because I love to eat, and then all the stuff I hate to do, including cleaning the cat box, scrubbing the floors and dishes, all the usual.
So, I might be the house husband, but that does mean I am a good one. Macho guys like me have a high tolerance for mess and disorder as we are only really cavemen, lightly civilized for the sake of our ultra-hawt wives. But I, you know, don't go out of my way to be super clean or super organized. My wife has MUCH HIGHER STANDARDS.

OK, so here is my favorite trick. If I actually folded the laundry, like the towels seen here, experience says she would complain and redo it. SO I DON'T BOTHER TO FOLD the laundry, and as a matter of fact, the fastest way to get her to fold the sheets and towels is to wad them up in a pile where she is gonna find them. And then lickety split, everything looks perfect. Its a win win situation, the stuff is perfectly folded and I didn't have to do it and her REDO it. (although sometimes you hear mutterings about me doing it right the first time...NAH)


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oooh, I smell TROUBLE!!

Also, I've learned to try very hard to not re-do anything my husband does (his dishwasher loading skillz are kinda sad).

CiCi said...

In our house we aren't that picky about folding clothes. We fold clothes together usually and put our own stuff away. I can see that you are poking fun at yourself and your wife is a good sport.

Cheryl said...

Haha...sorry, couldn't help it. You are sooo clever...

soubriquet said...

I am the messiest human alive.
Thank the lord for tolerant women, I say.
She tries to steer me in the right direction, but she accepts me for how I am, bless her.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I didn't know you were related to my husband!

Kim Hines said...

i think you're related to my husband too!

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