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Friday, May 21, 2010


You always wonder, or maybe just now and then if you're lucky "wow, I made the perfect piece, I should retire now because I have achieved perfection I can never top". I like this teaset, a LOT. Just out of the kiln. New jade mix experimental glaze. YESssss. As for the top, I had not made a rim and gallery like this in a while, where the lid sits down into the pot this way. Gotta make more.
Coincidentally, or not, I had a pic here of the set and edited it nicely a few mins ago, and DELETED it by accident. Kinda tired. the wife was out late and I swear, the sound of her flossing last night is like elephants dancing, KERCHUNK KERCHUNK KERCHUNK so I am a little sleepy and retook the photo.....and, um, accidentally flushed the potty a minute ago while she was washing her hair, an accident that cuts off the water flow and hopefully will NOT ruin her day...

(teaset by Gary Rith)


Mrs. Potsblog said...

So you got me back. I can floss before my class what are YOU going to do?

Gallow said...


Unknown said...

LOVE the green glaze. LOVE IT. :)

Unknown said...

Sheer elegance!!!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Why you gotta bust on Maude for flossing?! Taking care of her pretty smile.

And that is beautiful.

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