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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

THE joke about the BLONDE and the CAT

Right this second, its true, the wife is outside cutting weeds. AND, a year or 2 ago somebody saw a pic of the wife and said something about "...and your pretty blonde wife..." and we were like "TEE HEE, not blonde, GREY!!!!". The wife has since started saying she is a natural platinum.

Alright, so you know, just now, I snap a shot of her and Emily cat and she gets me with Spike cat nuzzling my ear and this famous BLONDE joke comes to mind:

A blonde is out in the yard with the weed whacker going along the edge of the sidewalk and doesn't see the neighbor's cat in the weeds and accidentally cuts off the cat's tail. She grabs the cat in one hand and the tail in the other and rushes to the car. The neighbor calls out "where are you going with my cat???" and she says
"to Walmart of course!!!" and the neighbor is like
"Walmart, why?" and the blonde is like
"DUH! Everybody knows Walmart is the world's largest retailer!"


Unknown said...

That's silly, G. :)

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Tee. Hee. I've got a few "blonde" friends to share this with.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Retailer??? LOL.
I think the wife is a fabulous looking platinum blonde!!

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