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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spike and Emily Cats: NOT a fight to the death

Super gorgeous sunny day today and Spike and Emily are upon the perch enjoying the warmth and I grab the camera because they are a cute couple, but then Emily starts passing out the kisses and the mushy and sentimental stuff(she is on the right) and then Spike who is this macho boy has to punch her then bite her in the neck and maybe put her in a full nelson...until he is the king of the hill. These things can go either way :)


Emily SIL said...

It always amazes me how animals can fight with each other but know it's play and not a fight to the death. But Spike looks so pleased with himself for having won.

Hilary said...

Too cute. My guys usually end up in a grooming lovefest. Gotta love cats. :)

There's a new Benny post waiting for you. ;)

fiwa said...

LOL! I can just see Spike saying "Not now woman! I need my personal space!"

Nicki said...

Someone just wanted all that warm sunshine!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Minor domestic violence? I think that is OK. ;0

Reverend Awesome said...

Heath's cats like to make out in front of everyone. Little Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Eleanor Roosevelt. They will go to the center of the living room and lick each other.

Cheryl said...

Just needed a little space huh? But the cats solved the problem themselves..for now.

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