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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"are you hawt mama? you sure look that way to me..."

I will try to keep the wife away from the computer today. Yesterday she is like
"that's enough with the YES YES dream blog posts. You can get away with it this time" and I am like,
"oh yes, sure" but look at me, pushing that envelope again
(the first 2 years I blogged the wife forbade me to blog her, but then I started to ignore her wishes)
She is looking tres cool here with this graffiti, NO?

In other news, this being supposedly a POTTERY blog, here is a pair of sitting piggy banks. I like the usual kind of piggy bank, but those are a common idea, this is MY idea. The sitting piggy with the slot in the back.

Goofy Kim (below under the pile of dogs etc), also known as farmer Kim, is like "I am coming up for a tractor conference and we are like "sure thing! Viva Tacos for the 5th Saturday out of 6????"

...mmmm, you love Blondie....


Kimberly said...

Spike and Penny are fun guys! Loved the burrito at Varga's. Got home and was completely wiped out. Just sat around drinking tea thought about all the words of wisdom I heard from the guys about tractors....

One tip with diesel..always buy it at truck stops and not little country stores because the fuel gels from prolonged settling in the storage tanks.... I never never knew that!!

Gordo said...

Under pile of dogs is a good place to be. Remember what Charlie brown said: "Happiness is a warm puppy". :-D

denis said...

1. i like it when you blog about maude. it shows how much you really love her.
2. i wore the exact same shirt as you on the exact same day. how bizarre!
3. how come whenever you take a photo of fun kim, her face is always hidden by penny?

Anonymous said...

amigo... maude is way more tolerant. after u requested a pic of mom, i posted that one of her in the backyard. she got mad because i didn't "clear" it with her first... so it will be a long time before another one of her will be on there

Unknown said...

Maude looks badazz next to that graffiti.. watch out, she might kung fu you. ;)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Denis, I always post the most funny pics, and the dogs always jump on Kimmy, and its pretty funny :)

Cheryl said...

Ooo..I love the sitting piggies too. My little piggy is filling up rapidly!

Reverend Awesome said...

Maude is a good sport about your sharing. Perhaps in a couple years I will divulge info on Scott. As of now I just keep it to a minimum. Keep him out of my internet nuttery.

Unknown said...

I love those piggies!

Glennis said...

She is tres cool anyway! Pigs, tacos and dogs - What fun!

Stacey B said...

The sitting piggies would be cute salt and pepper shakers! That was the first thing I thought when I saw them. I'm a collector of shakers :o)

Matt Sutkoski said...

Love the piggies!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Blondie? I was expecting Foreigner!

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