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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spike, Penny, other bits and pieces

Spike and Penny came home from the shelter the same summer of 2007--they are best buds.

I made a cookie jar a few weeks ago as an order with a hippo. The wife promised the customer a HAT for the hippo. Here is Spike checking out the tiny little fur hat, which also fits this little dog...

and, I dunno, sometimes you toss a lot of different things together onto one pot, you know?

(cookie jar by Gary Rith)

I think the Easter Bunny is gonna bring me a Sonic Youth tee :)


Unknown said...

That is one hellava nice jacket in the header photo, and who doesn't need a tiny furry hat? :)

Gordo said...

YOU certainly toss a lot of things together on a pot. :-)

I like the jacket too, but I doubt I could pull it off that well.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Spike and Penny are kindred spirits!

fiwa said...

I'm digging the header picture!

Spike and Penny look very happy there on the blanket together. Why can't we all just get along like that?!

Love the cookie jar. :)

Susan as Herself said...

Love those display shelves in the header pic! And aren't Spike and Penny just the sweetest. Two such nice faces.

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