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Saturday, March 6, 2010

art road trip with Benji and Christi

I drove with my pals, artists Ben and Christi, up to Syracuse to see a show at my clay supplier Clayscapes , get some supplies plus get the lunch at Dinosaur BBQ. People are surprised that I drive and take take pictures of myself and others. Multitasking at 65mph....

Me and Benji were flashing our tats. Luckily I had a sharpie so Ben could ink up Christi. Everybody at Dino BBQ flashes their tats.


Two fisted drinker, c'est moi. The waitress gave me my iced tea and then brought me a second one. After we left we were buzzing down the highway and I was loosening my seatbelt and like DYING with 50 miles to go and spied a Mickey D's and snuck into their john....

We went to the Aurora Art and Design Center so I could deliver more pieces and introduce Ben and Christi to the manager and get some of their art on display too---Benji's piece here is KICKIN'

You know where I am Friday at 4:20---Chapterhouse happy hour, and a ZILLION friends showed up....Nicki Ben and Tommy here with me

OK, Dinosaur BBQ has all kinds of guests, like me in my Snoopy tee eating my SALAD
but behind Ben and Christi these dudes in leathers and chains and colors and confederate flags sit down behind Ben and Christi and I am like
"I am taking a picture and will tell you why outside...."


Gallow said...

The Empire Amber Beer at the Dinosaur BBQ is fantastic.

fiwa said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day. The anchor tat is HAWT!

Sly job there, taking a picture of the jacket - well done.

BSOB said...

how goes the "Etna Teapots"?

Gordo said...

Nice anchor! I met up with a Bandidos biker in St. Catharines once. He held the door at Tim Horton's for me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

sons of sam don't know what they're up against with that badass chick with the anchor tat. looks like a fun place and then to the chapterhouse. friday's getting busy

Unknown said...

You guys are such funsters. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Gary, I do the same thing! I pretend to be taking pictures of my friends and get them in the line of fire of absurd. Well done, my man.

That looks like an awesome day. I'm very impressed by Ben's sharpie tat drawing skillz. Yes, skillz with a "z".

Christi said...

Yeah, I'll never wash my arm again.

Barbara said...

I would like to see a picture of your pirate Snoopy T in front of the SONS OF SAM leathers. Wait, sons of sam and confederate flags?

Paul said...

I miss Dinosaur BBQ... But you all look like you had a great time!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

The confederate flag was on the jacket of another dude :)

Kimberly said...

Wow Gary... that looked like it was fun. I got some dinasour hot sauce as a house warmer for her yurt this summer.

Kimberly said...

oops.. My sister's yurt this summer I mean..:))

Anonymous said...


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Cheryl said...

OMG...I wished I lived in such a wild and crazy area!

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