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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Benji the painter, ETC.

You ever watch Flight of the Conchords? One of the running jokes is that the 2 "rock stars" set their alarm clock to get up promptly at 11:30 every morning.....

WELL today I was heading over to my pal Ben's to help him fix his kiln. I told him, coincidentally as it turns out, that I would arrive about 11:30.
I arrived early, about 11:20. Knock on the door. Knock again. Knock a third time and hear "ooooooooooooooh, Gary! C'mon in!" and there he is, sleeping beauty himself. I tell him I'll make some tea in his kitchen, and he gets himself going and as you can see we are talking art and profound and big creative issues, and the darn kiln, despite my taking it apart and cursing at it and so forth, STILL DOES NOT WORK.
We are considering PLAN B for his kiln.....

You should see the photos of Ben that I DELETED. NO, they aren't for sale you filthy preverts...
Georges Le Soq this morning is like "I want to come vis you" and I am like "NO, you and BEN DON'T GET ALONG" but he must have snuck into the car and Ben is like "I hope he brought a peace offering" and actually, Georges did bring a peace offering...

Ben has a huge range--look at the fruit still life he did in oils, EXQUISITE, plus slightly abstract landscapes, and then total abastracts too....

Speaking of the Conchords....


Unknown said...

Ahhh! Ben! You're not wearing a SHIRT! ...and I used to think this was a G-rated blog. ;)

I think it's hysterical though that Gary enters a room, camera in hand. :D

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ahem, there are some pics I did NOT POST of Benji in his bedroom....
I would kill for some jammies with penguins, wouldn't you?

Reverend Awesome said...

I agree with the penguin jammy thing. Would love some.

That's why I sleep with my head under the covers. In case anyone walks into my room with a camera.

Ben has the kind of comforter I expect to see in an old ladies house. That's okay though. Whatever makes him happy.

Kimberly said...

I like plain jammies with solid colors. I like to buy pretty t-shirts to combine with them.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Jammies with penguins? See, I picture boxers with penguins, I don't know why. Ben strikes me as a boxer type of guy -- at least if he's going to have animal prints on his under garments.

Not that I sit around thinking about Benji in his boxers or anything. :-D

Oh, and in addition to painting and all, is that a keyboard over to the right of his bed? Partially hidden by a sheet or cover of some sort?

Y'all are too nuts! [Sleepin' till 11:am? He must be in his early 20s...] And, Gary, with the camera! LOL!

:-D Happy Wednesday! Obviously, I'm all full of myself today!

artonalimb said...


Nicki said...

I have to say I had to go back and check for the keyboard and it is there. Penguins? Really?

Gary - didn't you hear them say at photo club that you never delete photos? Someone may like/want them. You could make a killing off certain photos. Of that I am sure!

I honked at your house twice today - once on my way to Syr and once on the way home (that means back to Ithaca, not my house).

kate et jim said...

Gosh - I just looked at the full size photo and well, gosh... I mean, who wakes up looking that darn good.

Man, I tell ya - don't you just want to crawl in next to him.

Too bad I broke a rib today, or I'd be driving up and seeing for myself in the a.m.

Jim ??? Jim who??? ;)

Unknown said...

Ok, Ben... dude, your, uhm, ULNA is exposed. Both of them.

Yes, I had to google that. :)

BSOB said...

hey girls. tea time is around 11:30-12 every morning (more like afternoon) if you want to drop by. by the way - i do go to slepp around 4am. (blanket donated by mom)

red dirt girl said...

We have a check-in policy here at the farmyard ..... all cameras are checked in at security before entering personal stalls. Can't have pupparrazi shots of ms. muley herself, circulating abouts.

you've been a very busy boy, gary!

Jeannette StG said...

PJ's with penguins would be a great gift pour moi. I always wonder Gary, where you are better at, seeing the humor of things, or pottery??

Land of shimp said...

So whereas everyone else seems to be caught between some sleepy fellow named Ben, and penguin pajamas I just about fell over at the sight of the paintings.

That's some impressive range, indeed. I also like the shots of the other canvases below.

Oh and to keep with the vein of the current conversation: I wear pajamas with Scotties on them. When one pair wears out, my husband immediately buys another pair. I have no idea how this became a tradition. Oh...wait, might have something to do with all the Scotties we've had :-) Wonderful dogs, really.

I wonder if this means that man has a penguin as a pet? ;-)

Liz said...

uggh I spent friday replacing elements switches and thermocouples, tedious. But now it is done.
We all have silly jammies at my house, mine have pink fuzzy hearts, and another has betty boop

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