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Sunday, March 7, 2010

a day that started at 2:28

Yes. 2:28am. The wife calls so I can pick her up from the bus. Back home later at 3:15? The wife is sound asleep and I have to poke her ribs "turn over, you're snoring!" and she mutters "I must have been asleep". We all go back to sleep until the beagle can wait no more and wants her crunchies...

The wife is in New York city for the day yesterday and Goofy Kim was coming to town so I am like "KIMMY! Viva for tacos!" and we get there and place the orders and I see one of those rare photo OPS and I am like
"KIMMY! That hippo is gonna eat my hand! Get a pic before I lose my hand!" and she does
and back at our house, as you might imagine, Goofy Kim gets attacked by our super lovin' dogs.

With the wife being out of town for the day, I made a feast fit for a huge family. Two giant pizzas. Then I ate 2 slices and watched several hours of THE OFFICE which, as you know, is the cleverest and funniest TV ever....

worth giving a listen and a look see...


Anonymous said...

pizza looks yummy, never a dull moment up there in ithaca. how long are you bach-ing it?

Kimberly said...

I love these sunny days we are having. Its been a long long winter.

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