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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

typical Frenchman....

You figure my rotton French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is a typical Frenchman: lazy, smelly, rude, shifty, always chasing tail, but magical with food.
Yesterday was record heat (supposedly---felt pretty good to me, 80s!) and I had my kiln going (HOT in the studio alright, 100 + degrees) and there is Georges in the kitchen--baking up fresh scones, banana nut muffins and pizza. he tells me
"ees for the lady. She gets HONGRY. Maybe, you be nice to me, I share with you too"

After dinner the wife is all excited to garden. I am all excited to sit there and watch her garden and enjoy a little cheapo jug vino. You can see she is working quite hard on the weeds and whatnot....


Busy Bee Suz said...

I would put up with Georges just for his cooking!!!
Love the stacked rocks in the garden.

Jay said...

So does Gorges give you an flak over the cheap jug wine?

Cheryl said...

Ah Georges, how very grand of you to bake! He means well obviously. Did he set the scene for the dinner as well...the little romantic monkey!

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