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Saturday, May 1, 2010

there is something about a bar and a table full of beautiful women who want ME to draw on their nekkid flesh

You know, Friday, happy hour at the Chapterhouse bar with the wife and the friends. My pal Benji, who is a painter, here below, is usually the temporary tattoo artist of the table, but this week I was like
"BENJI! Shall I DRAW a tat on YOU???" Which somehow led to....

...which somehow led to me decorating the ladies at the table, starting with the wife getting a fine new robot scene on her left palm, and there is Carol here with her feet.....

luckily Carol was next to me on the bench, so I could decorate her feet with the pretty pink toenails, one of her dogs on each foot. I have to admit, I asked repeatedly how to spell their was getting complicated: Casey and Bubby....

then, as you know, we are trying to teach Bethie our evil ways, and she lined up her hands for the cat treatment. One per hand, her husband and little kids were probably quite jealous when she got home.....

ABC cafe reopened next to the Chapterhouse THANK GOD, the food Yang to the Chapterhouse's beer Yin, and then we were down to a party at CSMA for my prize winning teapot, and I wish I had gotten more shots of people like Carol and Laura and Ken, but I think it was all making me shy, being a prize winner and all, and in case you forgot, there is me talking about the prize winning teapot in the video clip just below :)


Unknown said...

Gary, I love it that you travel with a mini Sharpie. :)

Liz said...

don't all artists travel with a sharpie? India used to travel with a silver sharpie. I have a double ended black sharpie.

BSOB said...

parties, bars, drawing on girls, opening receptions, first place winnings - you're making us look good man!

Reverend Awesome said...

There are sooo many dogs named Casey! There used to be one by my house growing up. It would get loose all the time and the family (including people I went to school with) would be outside yelling "Casey! Casey!" I only went out to see what they wanted a few times.

I need to get my butt to New York and join you guys.

soubriquet said...

When I get to draw on nekkid flesh, i doubt very much that I'll be permitted to post a picture. Dang-gnabit!

That's still a great teapot.

What's the plumbing?

Mr. Young said...

I think I would like your lunch. I'm a sucker for a plate full of fries!
Doesn't everyone have a mini sharpie in their pocket? I usually carry a red one.

Cheryl said...

I simply must come to a Friday night so I too can have a tat!

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