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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Are you ever so busy but you want to, like, make pizza dough and sauce and chop stuff and blahblah blah! Make pizza from scratch? I do it all the time, as a kept man here in the purple house, tis my duty to make all the pizza from scratch the wife can eat.

OK, but like today? I am finishing mugs and glazing, and midday? Had to go the store and then pick up the wife and buy some of that cheap azz red wine she likes (and I ran into both, if you can believe it, Chris AND Christi at the wine store--gosh they are both so great, although they have nothing to do with each other) and take the wife to some meeting somewhere and have lunch. You will see pics below of that very lunch---some takeout noodles, fried rice and veggies and FLOWERS, YES FLOWERS because it is mother's day week and she is the mother of my pets....anyway. She got home and I was still up to my neck in dishes to wash and NO PIZZA dough ready. That is when you need to make PITA PIZZAS.
Some of you remember I was a teacher years ago, and I started in pre-k and kindergarten. While student teaching in college I was in a fun kindergarten and most kids were just in for the morning, but a few kids stayed all day. And it was a private progressive kindergarten, and the kids made their own lunch with adult help. It was awesome, it really was, although there would be the occaisional purple crayon in the tuna salad and the apple juice was f##king disgusting (kids, remember to add some WATER to the frozen concentrate).
Anyway, their favorite and mine was to make little pizzas. Recipe below.

Diggin' the picnic with the wife.
Pottery in action: some flowers for the lady in a pitcher I made and cup and saucer with some snackies and our cheap azz white wine for me, cheap azz red for her.

Pita pizza for kindergartners

Take an English muffin or pita and spread some spaghetti sauce from a jar on there with a spoon.
Put some chopped something on there, like veggies, or whatever you like on your pizza.
Sprinkle on a little cheese.
Set them on cookie sheet, bake at 350 about 10 minutes until it looks like pizza.



Reverend Awesome said...

Okay. I am going to make pita pizza for kindergartners. Really, my tastes are quite similar to theirs. Honestly.

Michèle Hastings said...

OMG! we really ARE imaginary cousins!! i worked with preschoolers for nearly 20 years... various roles...teacher, curriculum coordinator, site manager.
must be some connection between kids and clay.

Susan as Herself said...

I make pizzas on English muffins!

Also, I have those same exact wine glasses!

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