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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Christi, what does BAMF mean????"

Suggestions: "Mom, it means Bring all my friends" yep, that's it mom. Or maybe "Bold artist, most friendly".
My pal Christi lives over there. If you look out the window at Mount Pleasant, and imagine going over Mount Pleasant to the other side, turn left when you see the chickens, that is Christi's house.
YES, Christi did mention this about her mom, whom I have met, and Christi's dad and Christi's niece, and Christi's chickens and her fuzzy cats, who, if we were objective about it, are very well loved but perhaps, um, a little naughty by some standards.
When it comes to artists who work hard and have their act TOGETHER, Christi is exhibit "A". As Christi tells it "My strength lies in images, not words." But truly, Christi is a great conversationalist and friend, and the best illustrator you have ever met: having been top of her high school and college classes in science, she became a scientific illustrator (if you need a brochure depicting water buffalo habits, hire Christi), plus she is a painter and designer and expert at some kind of obscure martial art ninja thing, blahblahblah, and world traveler, and as I say she has her act together, she is also a LANDLORD which is a smart move for an artist, renting out an apartment, and farmer too. Catnip and chickens and....well, everything. She is also a sweetie pie and good friend of ours for real and Christi has no idea how grateful my wife and I are for her friendship (esp. since the two women can swap clothes, woo hoo!).
SO, Christi is now one of us, the BAMF Art Blog Bunch, and so ends the first round of new members.........


Liz said...

Wow! Gary you sure are up early! CHRISTI!!!! Its official, the girls out number the boys! woohoo!

Unknown said...

WOO! Welcome to the club, Christi! :D

Susan Hasbrouck said...

Yeah, what's that early bit about? Does your pottery glow in the dark? :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

What cute photos!! And I love LOVE the paintings.

Reverend Awesome said...

All aboard!
Glad to have you as a BABB, Christi. Your work is super.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I think I will use the "Bold artist, most friendly" definition of BAMF.

Does this mean the next BABB logo will have a water buffalo on it? ;)

Christi said...

Thanks y'all!

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