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Monday, May 17, 2010

Becky was a BAD girl

You will recall that below there was talk of proms. The entirely tiny village where I ended my HS career was filled with p0theads and miscreants. I was NOT an angel, and I still have not finished the 11th grade. I passed typing at least, barely.
Anyway, one of my partners in crime was my friend the girl who moved in next door, Becky, who was every upright parent's nightmare, which was FINE with me. She was a very good person at heart though with a crappy family. I was a trainwreck in high school and was lucky to take a shortcut to escape to college, Becky, although what my parents called a BAD GIRL, has done wonderfully in life from what I hear. All true.....(and there people who read this who know Becky, OJ and his cousin and Christine, eeek!)
ANYWAY, me and the wife found 25 four and five leaf clovers early today, and tis a magical feeling indeed. I stopped counting them last year when I reached a 500 count for my life. These today came from different places along our dog walk.....found that classy beer cozy too!
OK, in other news, got the new blue camera and I am managing to use it with the old baby top computer here, although we MAC shopped at the store early today. Holy cats I want one, but I mean, how often does $$$$$$ fall out of your wallet? EEEK! Scary! Gonna think on it....
and finally, I went out to cut the grass and remembered the huge pile of rocks I got from Trevor across the street last week. I wrestled them into the back yard and made a NEW AND improved fire pit (probably be working on that thing all my life, adding every year, but LOOK at the fab HUGE slabs I just added :)


Unknown said...

Aww cute puppy and nice firepit!

Yep mac's are a lot of $$$$ we share a small mac laptop and would love a bigger one but ya lots of money, but at least you don't have to worry about computer viruses etc with a mac. Happy shopping :o)

Cheryl said...

I am SO impressed by the fire pit. Yes, add a new stone or two every spring and you'll be able to just reach over from your deck...I love the photos of Penny, she looks very sweet and gentle. I should think with all the clovers you have found you would find some money to buy the Mac!

Land of shimp said...

I love the closeups of the Beagle in Question, by the way :-) Nice fire pit, sir. It looks like the makers of Stonehenge decided to have a BBQ. Char a few things, as one does.

Gary, you know, I bought a MAC not that long ago. A rather good one, actually after years of yearning for one, but buying cheaper PCs and I've found out something: MACs are only superior depending entirely upon what you wish to do with them.

Graphics work, movie editing? Absolutely, they are wonderful, but the vast majority of what I do is word processing, and it's pretty much of a muchness on that front :-)

Just saying, I too suffered from MAC envy...and frequently still get out my HP Laptop for WP.

iPhooey! But it is a fast moving, easily cared for machine, I'll give it that.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

..and found 5 more 4 leaf clovers this evening.....

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