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Sunday, May 9, 2010

back to the bathtub

This morning there is the snow and wind blowing around outside, and me and my cup of tea are headed for a bath. My rotten French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is just getting up and I am like
"Georges, you should bathe from time to time, people are starting to talk" (Georges has FRENCH ideas about personal cleanliness) and he is like
"mon ami, a bath would, how you say, mess up my 'DO" and I am like
"Georges, you never take off your beret, who knows what it looks like under there?" and I make him come in and consider a bath, but he sat on the tub edge wrapped in a towel muttering to himself about the injustice of the world....and he is still filthy.
Snow? Yes. Still blowing around out there. Not accumulating. I remember Mother's Day weekend about ten years ago, 12 inches of snow on the hilltop we lived on then....


Unknown said...

AHH! Snow?! In MAY!?!?! THAT is an injustice. ;)

Michèle Hastings said...

cold in NH but no snow... can't wait to be in NC!
...i hate to encourage that wise-azz monkey, but he does look awfully cute wrapped up in that towel...

BSOB said...

You might have to send him out in the rain one day with a bar of soap and hope for the best

Unknown said...

Brrr, sending some of our beautiful sunshine to you!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Covering yourself in cologne isn't a bath, Georges!

Michelle said...

A. Nice pic of the snow.
B. Goerges, you stink!
C. It's cold but not snowing here.

Cheryl said...

Perhaps a teeny, tiny shower cap might change Georges mind? You guys are pin-up material!!!

Kim Hines said...

Why am i NOT suprised to see a picture of you in the bathtub?!?

Miss Heather said...

Did you REALLY blur your nipple? Come on, man! Some of us ladies wanted to see it!!! :)

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