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Thursday, January 27, 2011

misbehavior and misdemeanors.....

OK, you see a lot of pictures of Penny beagle rolling around looking cute, like yesterday's post. I took video yesterday which shows the typical Penny at dinnertime: first she chews on Spikes leg, then jumps on Buster, then she starts her happy food dance all over the floor. And YES that is me squealing in the background. As the author and speaker David Sederis said of himself "I have the voice of a little girl" and as my optician said to me on the phone last week, and she knows me pretty well "hello Mrs Rith" least she didn't ask to speak to my mommy.

(badass cups by Gary Rith) As Kasey once said "teh goths rock the red and black"

The RATINI strikes again. Got some more raspberries at the store, wicked yummy, and makes a fine raspberry martini, the well known RATINI.


CiCi said...

People are so funny when they are talking to their pets. Funny good. Each family has their own way to talk to their pets.

Unknown said...

Penny is supacute. :)

Hilary said...

So cute, those two. And that martini looks yummy!

Linda Fahey said...

with a cat in that Ratini shot, I wasn't exactly sure what was mixing with the raspberries...

and dig those badass cups!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Badass is the perfect way to describe those cups. I'm with Linda.

Don't Ratini's look so dignified? I would have to drink mine with my pinky up.

Unknown said...

Love the mugs, those colors Rock together. Perfect!
The Ratini looks beautiful too. I agree with Kasey, pinky up.
Penny is a hoot. Loved hearing your voice. Fantastic!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So much cuteness...and martini's too?? yummo.

Land of shimp said...

Gary, you must have speaking in universal dogese, as my dog was busily taking a very important nap by my side as I clicked on your video.

You roused her from slumber! Immediately she sensed that there was food afoot. I bribed her back into a near-nap by giving her a treat.

You live with remarkably cute beasties,sir.

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, the ratini looks sooo good. And definitely pinky up. Your four-legged friends are so darn cute.

j said...

The Badass cups are fabulous. LOVE the color combination.

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