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Sunday, January 16, 2011

American Chop Suey made VEG by a rude French Sock Monkey

I dreamt overnight that I burned corn bread when I was baking it. In the dream I was a college student trying to put the moves on this girl and I forgot the corn bread I was baking and she was UNimpressed.

Speaking of the kitchen, last night my rotton French sock monkey Georges Le Soq volunteers to make one of my favorite dishes. He is like
"ees easy, American chop suey, but we do it, how you say, VEGAN, because you so picky and healthy, Gary" and I am like
"I AM picky and healthy, abut unlike you, I don't smell bad" but I don't think he heard me, he was in the fridge.

If you are talking ziti bake vs. American chop suey, because they are similar, the chop suey is easier and moister and gooier---therefore better to my mind.

Vegan American Chop Suey

-cook 8oz noodles as directed
-chop and sautee veggies, like an onion, bell pepper, and we added carrots, but mushrooms or whatever all work
-sautee veggies, like ten minutes, until things seem tender, toss in these frozen BOCA burger bits plus oregano, pepper, hot pepper etc, stir around for a minute
-add 28 oz can of diced or crushed tomatos and 8 oz tomato sauce, simmer about 15 minutes while you have that glass of wine and conversation with the wife
-add cooked pasta to sauce and stir, then stir in some of that fake cheese or real cheese if you prefer

As Georges was saying "wicked tasty mon ami" and it is :)

I am working on mug styles, these look pretty nice....

The wife likes the Stereophonics...mmm...why not?


Michèle Hastings said...

mmmmmm.... looks yummy. any leftovers that i can have for breakfast?

Shortstuff said...

Looks pretty tasty. Georges is rather the accomplished cook for a rotten, smelly sock monkey!

Unknown said...

mmmmmm Chop the song too! :) Nice mugs for em!

denis said...

I wish Georges would make me some American Chop Suez.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Totally digging the tall footed/stemmed mugs. Good stuff indeed.

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