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Friday, January 21, 2011

even when the wife is out of town she STILL steals the covers at night

Like I say, the wife is on the road, in Kansas for a couple of days. She arrived on time yesterday, but its a big snow storm there (HERE now!) and the rental car agency gives her a 2011 mustang convertible...good GOD...probably the worst car for snow EVER, and at 17 degrees? Who is popping the top open?
ANYWAY, you can see in the pics here that Spike and Penny have the bed all split up. I get the little sliver of space in the middle between them. And even with the wife gone? The sheets and blankets STILL end up on the floor at the wife's side. How does she do that, steal the covers even when she is gone?
At 5 yesterday the dogs were watching at the window for her. They saw the bus go past and went bananas. I had to take them out. After a while we went back in, and Penny stared out the window waiting for her for quite a long time....
and that was when I invented the raspberry martini.* You will recall that I broke the bank and bought a box of raspberries yesterday. They have many many uses. By themselves. With cracker jack. On my breakfast porridge, and OF COURSE they make, as it turns out, the most brilliant martini you have ever tasted.
*I KNOW, somebody probably did this years ago and recipes are probably also all over the internets, but I like to think I invented the raspberry martini :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your wife has magical powers with the sheets...FUNNY.
I can't believe you guys can fit this bed with all the critters. :)
Poor pups, waiting for mama!

k.a. barnes said...

Oh, the poor babies waiting for Maude to get home! Frances and Minchy like to pin me down, on top of the covers with me beneath, so that I can't even roll over. And if, god forbid, I should move one of them, I get the most disdainful look and they move to the foot of the bed, like I've committed some unforgivable trespass against them.

Susan as Herself said...

I splurge ob some kind of berry every time I go to the grocery store. I just cannot resist them.

Michèle Hastings said...

raspberry martinis! ok... heading to the store today

Unknown said...

Well, the covers in our bed are mysteriously, magical items also. Always seem to be wrapped around a psychorattie. lol lol :) MMMM love the Raspberries in the drink, and other foods. Maybe when I get the recipe down for "Butter Tarts", that might just be the ticket lol :) Keep Warm...we are trying!

Barbara Martin said...

Dogs are pretty smart when it comes to owners being away. Some years ago I was away in England and whenever I returned, my partner would say the dogs would lay beside the door about the time the plane landed at the airport. It was as if they knew I was coming home.

Reverend Awesome said...

You did invent the raspberry martini, the Ratini.
We're pioneers!

The Hall said...

That martini looks delic!

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