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Sunday, January 9, 2011

back in the saddle, or drawer, again....

Spike is an enormous cat. Now that Emily cat has passed and he is the only feline, he has big cuddly shoes to fill, and since he is super sized, he does it admirably. He is sometimes too big for my lap when I am trying to type, but he STILL wants to help me blog, I kid you not, so our compromise is this: instead of sitting on the keyboard and playing with the computer mouse, I let him nap in the desk drawer. He is at my right elbow again, right now, snoring....

IN other news, we went out for the burrito and the matinee yesterday. It was snowy and crummy, and DANG, the cinema is toasty and comfy. We saw THE FIGHTER. Get this, we are watching it and it is like "HOLY CATS! Mickey O'Keefe is playing Mickey O'Keefe!". The trainer in the movie is played by the real life trainer. We lived in New Hampshire for ten years, about an hour's drive north of where the movie takes place, by a sweet little lake. We would be walking down the street with our dogs and sometimes we would bump into Mickey and his little dog Maggie. He had a vacation house by ours, and he would come up to read his book with the dog, get a little peace and quiet away from his stressful job as a cop. He would say "I work for the police and do a little training in the ring" and HOLY CATS, that is an understatement. He trained the welter weight world champ!!! AND THEN he gets to play himself in the movie? Wicked cool--he did a great job, totally genuine :)

AND lookit the 2 fine pairs of cups here, just listed at my etsy gallery---just exquisite and such a good price :)


gz said...

and boy, do cats snore loud!!

cookingwithgas said...

cat in a drawer- great idea on how things are don!
Cool about the connection with the Fighter.

Unknown said...

Ooo! I like those tall cups.. and how very cute that Spike sleeps in the desk drawer! :)

CiCi said...

I checked out the movie and can't decide if want to see it or not, so I did not add it to our Netflix queue yet. It definitely sounds like the acting is amazing and I don't know exactly why I am hesitating to watch it. Hubby and I chuckled about the cat in the drawer photo.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

We just saw that movie! And now I have a tidbit of juicy info to tell the hubster about it. He is a boxing fan, so it'll be great chatter and breakfast this morning. Thanks!... Love the mugs!

Anonymous said...

May I just say that your desk is TOO clean?

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