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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"CM looks like a movie star..."

The wife and the dog doing the arctic thing, below a couple of small piggy belly dishes.
The small details of my life? Thanks for asking, thanks for caring: after hacking away at my website yesterday and finishing a boatload of pots and freezing my fingers, it all felt like wicked good accomplishments in need of an AWARD, so i go pick up the wife at work and we go out on the DATE. A camera-free date! I love Mid-eastern restaurants, always tasty veg items.
Then, you know what a 3 dog night is? I think it is an Eskimo expression, or maybe it isn't, meaning "its so cold you get at least 3 dogs to cuddle around you in bed". Well, we had Spike cat and Penny dog and I had more crazy dreams than I have ever had in my life. In one, I was over at my pal Ben and CM's trailer (she does not live in a trailer, but they had restored this nicely) and she looked like a million bucks I was like "CM! You look like a movie star!" and she did, although she looked exactly like herself, and the rest of the dream was discussing "is it polite to tell somebody they look great?". I don't know the answer on that one and you can tell me in comments, but in the dream and real life, she does look like a movie star. Then I had another dream where I was lost in a basketball game, there was another where our woods which we own was being cut down and FINALLY I dreamt Penny disappeared into a sewer...but I saved her and got up and out of bed. ENOUGH with the heavy dreams.

You can dig these fine pots at my etsy shop--a cute sitting piggy bank or a tall goth mug with a skull--whaddya gonna be today, naughty or nice???

You'll love CREED...


cm said...

Why thank you, dahlink!

Unknown said...

I ♥ the piggy bank. :)

BSOB said...

skull mug skull mug!

Unknown said...

Wow, really love the pottery. Gorgeous! MMM Should you tell someone they look like a movie star? Well my reply would be "Which One"? lol lol I mean you don't think I look like Sylvester Stallone, or Kramer from lol :) Gosh, don't you just adore CREED. Great Band, they do take me higher....

Anonymous said...

I had some weird dreams last night, too, but I think it was all about processing stuff in my head.
Should you tell someone they look like a movie star? As long as it's a compliment, YES! It's an awfully nice memory for the next 15 years and counting. :)
Although, it's best to not keep staring afterward, esp. if someone's significant other is around...
I bet Maude feels extra special when you take her on a camera-free date!

kate et jim said...

I love seeing your house in summer. It beats looking out the window right now at all the snow!

celeste said...

People are forever mistaking me for Julia Roberts. Doesn't bother me in the least. ;-)

k.a. barnes said...

Has the Dream Hamster made any appearances lately?

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