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Thursday, April 1, 2010

yeOW, birthdays are fun

Omigosh, so we, like killed a pineapple for birthday week and NOTHING is better than a fresh pineapple (NO, I am not a birthday cake kinda guy, actually) and then we have to sit outside 'cause it is HOT, like 80, and my pal Kasey sends this rockin' illustration of us... :)


Jen Mecca said...

I can't believe it is 80 there! That is crazy!

Reverend Awesome said...

Glad you guys like it! YAY for Gary being born! You make the world a better place.

denis said...

great illustration! it is so you and maude!

cindy shake said...

LOVE the Cat In The Hat shirt!! Happy Birthday from the frozen land to the TROPICS -holy cow -80? Hope George has a pair of SHORTS!!

Barbara Martin said...

Who are the fence sitters, Gary?

It's unnatural for the temperatures to be so warm...even in Ontario.

Nu Kua said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lou said...

Happy Birthday Gary! so jealous of your hot weather :) enjoy it!

jimgottuso said...

glad you had a good birthday amigo... not much for cake myself and the pina is a good idea. seems like it was snowing there about a week or so ago. 86 here yesterday, spring is gone

Land of shimp said...

Happy Birthday, and many, many more. I am unfamiliar with the ritualistic pineapple sacrifice, but I practice my own annual chocolate killing. Wait, that's daily.

Well, I'm sure I do something annually.

Not a cake sort of fellow? But how do you get your chocolate???

Gary said...

Nice photo. Nice people. Nice life.

Liz said...

what a beautiful drawing! So nice to see the love!

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