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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I was at Cornell yesterday making cups and Tom snapped this pic---I was making some of my favorite shapes. I had the scrap of paper (below!) in my pocket. As a self employed artist, I am a big list maker. The paper below is the current list of all my favorite mug shapes.

Glasshalffullgal asked for a cow teapot and Gail asked for these green mugs--awesome orders, eh?


Aunt Snow said...

Cow pots are fab!

Becky Jo said...

Oh Gary! Can I buy one of those green mugs?! It reminds me of the poor little mug that broke last week... on the bottom of the photo.. the shape is very similar and those glazes are rockin'. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so awesome!!!!
The cows are udderly amazing!!!

Trish said...

Good Morning to you, Gary!..beautiful mugs!.and 'mooo' teapot.:).. I also like the work table surrounding the wheel head.. I need something like that!.
Have a terrific Tuesday!
Cheers, T.

Susan as herself said...

Love the urn shaped mugs!

Cheryl said...

Neat teapot indeed. And the mugs are AWESOME!

Emily SIL said...

That is some teapot!

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