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Thursday, August 8, 2013

probably the CORGI PLAYGROUP is more cute....

(teapot and teaset and doodle by Gary Rith)
YES, I dig this style of loopy and decorated pottery and will DO MORE!  And in more color....

In other news Penny was playing with the corgi across the street, Soupy, last night.  HOW CUTE IS THAT?  Have an awesome Thursday!


smartcat said...

With their look-alike coloring Penny and friend look like they are related. Sooooo cute! And, oh year, the pots are pretty cool too!

Barbara Rogers said...

It's really thrilling to me to see your swiping strokes in a sketch turn into just the same effortless curves in a pot. I KNOW that's difficult to do!

bartster said...

What a cool neighborhood to have all these fun dogs and cats....and creative people!

Trudy said...

I was also thinking that they match pretty well....

Sandra Kohlmann said...

They're a matched set!

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