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Sunday, August 18, 2013

"little pitchers have big ears"

We were chatting with a friend the other day and her little girl was around.  Something gossipy was said about someone else.  My wife tells me later "I hope the little girl doesn't repeat what she overheard later!" and I tell the wife "Like when I was a kid, I was ALWAYS eavesdropping on my folks' conversations then bringing it up at inconvenient moments.  My mom would say 'little pitchers have big ears' and in my case, a big mouth too..."

Here is a pair of small pitchers I made and make sure you have an awesome Sunday :)

(pitchers by Gary Rith)

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smartcat said...

Guilty! I think all kids like to adult conversation; it's such a different world. I have to admit to enjoying listening to Proge's conversations with his friends when he was very little. It was a reminder of the weird and wonderful ways of childhood.

Those are great little pitchers. You certainly do have a way with form and glaze, which to leads to.......

Congratulations! on joining Gallery Fortyone! How terrific to be invited to join. It looks like a perfect place for your work. Looking forward to many more photos.

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