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Monday, August 12, 2013

in which decorative objects are either SEXY or fun....

I am down at a favorite antique store chatting with Adam the owner, an old friend.  The wife is out of town and I am about to leave saying "lot's of beautiful things but nothing I want today" when I SEE THEM.  A pair of wineglasses with nekkid ladies on them!  OH SO BRILLIANT And wonderful.
I tell Adam "this is one of those things that men think is wonderfully clever and pretty and the wife thinks it is like dogs playing poker..."

Actually, she likes them....

MOREOVER, my hippo bank came outta the kiln, don't you love it?  Goes well with its friend the hippo bowl...have a great Monday!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my....I think they are clever as well. And really, who tires of dogs playing poker?? LOVE!!!

smartcat said...

Nekkid lady wine glasses. They look like some friends parents had when I was a kid.

Those are very modern dogs...all wired in for sound!

The hippo is the best. It looks so happy to have a friend with a bowl. Do they share eating from it?

smartcat said...

P.S. Your posting is looking weird on my sidebar. It's showing the post from the day before. It happened yesterday too.

Fun! Fun! Fun! in the wonderful world of blogging!

Annie said...

Love your hippos!

Barbara Rogers said...

Me too, didn't get a Gary's blog fix this morning, or yesterday can I wake up without a laugh from you! WOnder what blogger is up to now.

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