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Saturday, August 31, 2013

pottery FOR A CHANGE!

I am chatting with one of the cousins Friday (a real one, not imagined!) and she is like
"This is like a cooking blog, not a pottery blog!" which is absolutely true.  Sometimes.  I explain,
"Except when its a PETS blog! Or travel blog...."

I would find it DEAD DULL to post the same sh!t every day and I bet you wouldn't want to read it either....but hell, I AM A POTTER and a nice load of stuff is cooling in the kiln to photograph and post Sunday and beyond and I have been so busy posting pics of squash dinners and such that I havn't posted pics of what came out of the last kiln here it is...and above?  Some of the things I was working on yesterday....
I was in the mood of "let's just make some PLAIN pots and glaze them all the same, sans pig etc" which is my sometime mood....
potters look at that pic above and are like "Gary is a little lazy with his mugs there, seems like a short one snuck into the middle" and its like "OH ALRIGHT, YES, so sue me...."

(pottery by Gary Rith)


bartster said...

What's not to like? The whimsy and bright colors are just too fun! As one who frets about bowls being odd sizes, I hear from my wife that she likes the different sizes for different foods; ice cream versus soup or cereal. I'd say with mugs that might also be true; who needs a tankard for espresso? (oh....I know people....) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

YOu have a gift for making friendly-looking elephants.

Navhelowife said...

I love the elephants...and that Who am I kidding, I love it all!!
And I *like* that you have a little bit of everything on your blog!

Barbara Rogers said...

I was going to say, I really like the...blank, then I saw the next pic, and I wanted to say, oh that's my fav, then the elephant tea party came and that's my fav. (Oh, and my blog list didn't have your recent posting there again this morning. What can I say!)

smalltownme said...

I love that you have a mix of everything on your blog.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Your blog, your rules! It's always fun here. :)

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