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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BIG pots...

I don't work big too often.  I remember when I was a student "work bigger!" said the instructors and other macho student types were like "OH I can make a pot bigger than a hippo!" and I might say "I can make a hippo." A little one, anyhow!
I have made pots and shown them here that are nearly 2 feet tall.  They are sitting in the studio with BIG price takers yet, which is fine, because I like them :)
But, you know, I like the cute little things, my kiln is small, and I dig making cute little gems, as you hear me say, especially cute little teapots.
The pic below shows a very large bowl on my head that just came out of the kiln AND it may be hard to tell, a very tall jar, just made at the left of the picture.
I was like "I open a box of spaghetti, boil some up, then set the rest back on the shelf.  Every time I reach up there half of the noodles try to slide out.  I could buy a tall glass jar for the counter to hold spaghetti ......OR....!!!!".
Make a tall and narrow spaghetti jar for myself....I made this, and it IS cute...but then later I checked it against actual spaghetti....which turns out to be dissappointingly taller than I thought!  I don't think this will be big enough, RATS.
I shall make another...


Barbara Rogers said...

Big blue bowl is gorgeous...and you can always turn it over and shield your brain from alien mind reading rays.

Trudy said...

Maybe you could put rigatoni in it and then make a taller one for long could be the "over the shoulder noodle holder" collection

Anonymous said...

I LIKE THE BIG BOWL! (had to put that in big letters)

Michèle Hastings said...

I think Trudy's idea is a good one!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I LIKE THE BIG BOWL TOO! You know I have a thing for bowls. Very, very tempting.

smartcat said...

I think there may be a story in there somewhere.....Gary and the Big Blue Bowl! I like the spaghetti
jar.....but how is it that spaghetti always seems to grow taller once it's out of the box?

Lori Buff said...

!!! :-)

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