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Sunday, August 25, 2013

that game of cat and MOUSE...

Funny how:
a)  there is a mouse who has skittered through the inside of the wall behind our bed the last 2 nights--a sign that FALL IS COMING and the little sh!ts are getting their winter homes ready and
b)  on the PLUS side the wife and I were wandering around Saturday and I GOT MYSELF A NEW (to me) MICKEY MOUSE watch!  Perfect size for my utterly tiny wrists (I have the smallest and weakest wrists of any potter ever born, how did that happen???)
I love Mickey.  Just not in my walls partying at 2am AND
c)  the wife knew that our city cousins were visiting this weekend and was like "we need to cover that wretched hole in the wall in the kitchen".  Said hole is a heating air intake vent that Spike cat tore open a few years ago because of guessed it....traveling mouse.  The vent cover was bent all out of shape.  I surprised the wife yesterday with a 13 X 4 inch tile I made to cover the area with guessed it...


Hilary said...

That's a very clever, creative and cute solution. But does it mean that the wee mousie is now trapped in your walls?

Barbara Rogers said...

If it can be imagined to be made in clay, you can do it! Lovely cover complete with the critter responsible. Now as to the wall behind the bed...mmmm. You might have lots of tiles!

Sylvia said...


smartcat said...

Oh for sweeeeet! Potters come up with the best and most creative solutions!
Mice! Boo! Hiss!

smalltownme said...

Spike looks very curious about that mouse.

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