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Saturday, February 5, 2011

yarn bowls: not just for breakfast anymore!

CM writes "I will be needing two yarn BELLS" and sends along a link. I am looking at this ugly thing, not having seen one before, and reply
"CM, that thing is ugly, and at 45 bucks????? OVERPRICED!" but she is asking
"would you make me one?" and I am like
Yarn bells are basically a large plate and sitting atop the large plate is a dome with a hole in the top, and the yarn goes inside and feeds out the top. So what you have is a plate with an upside down bowl on it, so that you can do the crochet or knitting work, and the yarn feeds out neatly. As long as your cat is not too helpful.
But this is what I tell CM "How about a yarn bowl instead? A large bowl with a cut out in the side to feed the yarn or string out of. More versatile! You could also use it for your mashed potatos, your green beans, your sock monkey....."


Liz said...

Snazzy! My yarnbowls have become a local phenomenon... can't keep em in stock... even got stopped at the grocery store yesterday, by a lady wondering when the kiln would be cool enough to look at the new batch before anyone else!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh Lizzie, NOICE!

CiCi said...

Nice idea, Gary, and I like that you understand versatile. I use things for many reasons and don't keep my stuff in cupboards until I need them one reason.

cookingwithgas said...

snort! You made me laugh out loud at your bowl for the sock monkey!
I too hate one trick pony pots and have been asked to make some of these- I like the thought they would have another use.
Now where is that dam* monkey....

Michèle Hastings said...

i noticed that yarn bowls are unbelievably popular sellers on etsy... i don't get it but then again i don't knit. i like multi-use pots as well... that's why i don't make chip and dips with attached bowls. they are too hard to store and if you have them in two pieces you have a bowl AND a platter.

did georges jump out of the bowl when he found out what it was for?

kate et jim said...

I was just thinking that if the cats keep grabbing the yarn, just put one of those 'shower cap' bowl cover things over the bowl and the yarn will still be able to come out the side!


cm said...

Gary, you rock! Those are gorgeous, and I like that you can take the yarn out mid-project - I was worried about that with the bell, as I take my yarn on the train with me and the bell would be a bit awkward in my knapsack. ;-)

celeste said...

Is that Bushills I see?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Georges got into the liquor cabinet, indeed..........he's just this hobo layabout of a nuisance....

Anonymous said...

Teach Spike to knit, and teach Georges to share! LOL

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love them!!!

Miss Heather said...

Post some in your ETSY store so I can order one!

Unknown said...

Very nice. Our students made some of those yarn bells, I didn't like them either. Look weird, and cumbersome. Your yarn bowls are wonderful.

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