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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PUNKY GEORGES SEES HIS SHADOW and predicts a boatload of winter ahead...

My rude French sock monkey Georges Le Soq is out sitting in the snow shivering and tells me
"mon ami, ees my shadow, I am most afraid. Geeet me inside and I tell all"
and so I take him in and give him some schnapps and I am like
"WELL?" and he is like
"mon ami, ees sunny, I saw my shadow, dere will be 6 weeks more winter" and I am like
"I figured as much" and he is like
"mon ami, that idiot varmint, down in Pennsylvania, dey did a terrible movie about him, no?" and I am like
"I hated that movie and the chick reminds me of an EX, blech! Andi MacDowell, ew!" and Georges is like
"anyways, dat town, eeees HUNDREDS OF MILES SOUTH OF US. We would be LUCKY if all we had was 6 more weeks winter. We get snow in May!" and I am like
"I know, people in Pennsylvania must be stupid, stupid, stupid, talking to varmints like that...."


CiCi said...

Give Georges a hot drink and send him back to bed. Tell him he just had a bad dream.

Jay said...

I saw my shadow and went back to bed too.

Cheryl said...

Its so darn dark and snowy here, no one would see their shadow in my yard! Poor Georges, give him warm soup and tuck him in bed for the rest of the day.

Reverend Awesome said...

My parents used to tell me that I couldn't go outside cuz "You'll freeze your butt off." Being the literal child I was, I thought my butt would really fall off. It kept me inside.

So, Georges, your butt is going to fall off!

denis said...

Poor Georges. You better take the hair dryer out and warm him up.

Hilary said...

You made me laugh.. yeah, who would talk to a groundhog? ;)

cookingwithgas said...

I going with the hog on this one George!
Take your fancy arse back to where you came from and leave spring to us!

cookingwithgas said...

I going with the hog on this one George!
Take your fancy arse back to where you came from and leave spring to us!

Lori Buff said...

Gosh I hope he's wrong...oh, we already know Georges is a little wrong

Anonymous said...

The sun is out now and I refuse to go outside due to the whole shadow thing. I am, however, contemplating going back to bed until spring.

Unknown said...

We are hibernating until Spring this year. We give up! As far as 6 more weeks of winter, we should be so lucky. The snow in our yard will probably be here till lol :) Dastardly stuff this snow.

BSOB said...

do french monkeys even cast shadows?

Brian Miller said...

ha that was awesome! time to go back to bed...congrats on the potw...

ethelmaepotter! said...

Georges Le Soq, I believe your shadow deceives you. Tis not your shadow, at all, mon ami, but rather the profile of a very svelte penguin.

Stopping by from Hilary's to say congratulations on POTW!

Frank Baron said...

Georges needs some Gauloises and wine. Then he'll ride out the winter sans souci.

Unknown said...

Whatcha gonna do with the French?

Always so willing to surrender...

Who else would run from their shadow?

Friko said...

Thanks Hilary, without you I would never have found this very funny chap.

Gary, you are a treasure.

Unknown said...

Your little George is just too funny for words!

Land of shimp said...

Georges, how could you? Banish the Winter and bring on the Spring. I know you have the power to do so. That twinkle in your button eyes tells me that you are linked in to some tremendous force within the universe. Now hop to it and bring on the thaw. My bathroom pipes keep freezing and it is the suck.

Gary, you thought Groundhog's Day was a terrible movie? Interesting! I thought it was sort of a mediocre movie, actually. If you think Groundhog's Day was horrible what descriptor do you use for something like Borat?

I'm not arguing that GD is a good movie because it isn't but wow, my brain was nearly entirely overloaded with a list of movies that are so much worse than Groundhog's Day and now I'm all boggled wondering how you would describe them.

Which ought to be fun, so please consider telling at some point!

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