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Thursday, February 17, 2011

the wife writes of lovelorn and lonely gloves......

The wife herself!

I am walking across the Cornell University campus yesterday on my way to work in the Pot Shop and see a brightly dressed person across the quad taking pictures of the gutter. Tis the wife! I head over for the happy reunion.
She is like "I am taking pictures of gloves in the gutter. I am writing a story!" and I am like
"that one is especially dirty" and we wander on and I see a PAIR! A pair of nice leather gloves (above pic) and we move in to get the photo and then she is like
"are you gonna grab them or shall I?" and I tuck them away and say
"they would just get ruined out here anyways, plus I bet they fit you...." and later in the car she is trying on the one and about to try on the other and I am like
"you know what makes a good glove story? You are trying them on and there is a FINGER IN THERE! A chopped off finger!" and she quick tosses them on the floor and is like
"Yeah, a chopped off finger with a wedding ring! Whose finger is it??????"
Enjoy her brief story here.

Speed Dating for Mateless Gloves by Maude Rith

“Do you come here often? Do you do this sort of thing all the time? This is my first time here so I guess we have eight minutes before we mutate into mittens. I’m joking, eight minutes until we rotate?

“Have you met anybody here? Do you come because you’ve succeeded or do you come because you’re still looking? No, I’m kidding again. If you had found someone of course you wouldn’t be here. You’d be off with your true glove.

“Speaking of which how did it happen? Oh, that is sad. No, they never hear your mate’s cries. Sometimes I wonder if people would just stop and listen or check to see if they have everything before rushing off there would be fewer of us in this world.

“Me? We were being carried and she was running for the train. In fact, the doors almost closed on her wrist and she was so surprised. We all were but I got on and he didn’t. Her fingers were just loose enough. He fell on the tracks; it was horrible. I probably wouldn’t recognize him now down in the filth and water and rats and trash. But enough about me, what kind of glove are you looking for? What qualities would you compromise on? I see.

“Do you think we get along? Can you see yourself with me? Will you really call me or are you asking for my number just to be nice? Bye, hope to hear from you. I mean it.”

(copyright: everything on this blog except other people's music videos copyright Maude and Gary Rith 2011)

(Enjoy some G Love and special sauce...get it...G LOVE together is...glove!)


Michèle Hastings said...

very well done maude!

bartster said...

The title made me think of a possible parody of Erich Segall's book (later the movie) Love Story..Glove Story where do I begin?

CiCi said...

Now I will be more careful with my gloves. Fun to read your story, Maude.

Unknown said...

Great blog, love the song. I feel sorry for those who have never, nor ever will, experience true love. There is nothing like it, anywhere in the Universe.
I think those of us who are so lucky, and have often pondered why some people just "Don't Get It"! or if they choose to not want it. Go figure, that is all I truly care about is love and being loved. It's always first and foremost in my life, and so glad you and Maude, "Get It"! We are the luckiest indeed.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, this is so cute and funny.
I have a few missing gloves....I wonder now about the conversation going on in my glove drawer.
We saw G Love & special sauce in concert years ago...pretty cool.

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, I loved Maude's glove story! By the way, what happened to the pair of gloves?

Anonymous said...

LOL, "your true glove." Wonderful work, Maude!

My husband finds lonely gloves all the time. Next time I might mention the finger inside, just to see if he still picks it up!

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