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Monday, February 7, 2011

the wife writes of winter and her husband.....

The missus wrote a short essay. It is well known that I am a kickass baker and a wonder in the bedroom, but the wife is the handyman in this house....

He and I

I got an email I’ve saved. Subject line is Richard III from Shakespeare. The message is a poster. At the center is a photo of a snow-encrusted small tent with a sale price tag of $1. The caption reads, “Now is the winter of our discount tent.”

When I get home I will open the gate carefully and latch it behind. I’ll brace myself for the cold water that’s dripping off the roof, make my way carefully over the ice in the walkway, around the shovels and broom a the top and bottom of the steps to remind me to step carefully because it is icy.

The walkway was like this when I came home this afternoon. I looked at the sand on the path, heard the beagle howl inside and my husband appeared on the deck. I smiled; it was good to be home. “Careful,” he said, “it’s icy.”

“I see.”

“So I want that broom to stay there and the shovel to stay here.” I couldn’t help but notice he was only in a sweater—that’s against the rules in on our house but I didn’t tease him.

Everything was still there when I came out later and, yes, I slowed down. I couldn’t help but notice that all the ice was in a straight line, right under the roof’s edge, highest where it dripped, then sloping to either side. Little craters where the icicles dripped then froze. I look at that sort of thing and wonder what innovation or, yes, product, would prevent that. I’ll mention it to my husband who will look blank, pick the book he was reading back up and sing “La, la, la, la, la,” from behind its cover.

“And we need to change the spout in the bathtub.”

He’ll change to “Loving you . . .”

“And I can’t pull the fridge and stove away from the wall without you, darling.”

“is easy ‘cause you’re beautiful . . .”

How come he never sings Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” to me? The words aren’t that hard. I think I should pull out a complete garden plan to really get a reaction.


gz said...

Sons are the same...If you keep on asking, you're nagging.

Otherwise its "why didn't you ask?"!!

I suppose its a different way of focussing on what is important!

Anonymous said...

Maude, you are wonderful!
"Winter of our discount tent" LOL

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so wonderful!!!!

Unknown said...

This is fabulous, and why doesn't George dance like that and sing "Sex Bomb" to me??? that was really great! Loved it!

Liz said...

I love that tent picture, If I had actually made coffee yet, i totally would have spit it when I saw that. yeah, home repair/car repair/ the noticing of the broken ness of things,... all comes down to me in this house. and did even when there was a husband around.

Reverend Awesome said...

I love when Maude guest posts!

BSOB said...


hey dynamic duo, i'll be at chappy tomorrow for irish night if u wanna meet up for a pint o' beer

Deb said...

Love it :)

denis said...

Loved it! I hope Maude will contribute more in the future.

ang design said...

ohh theres minnie, love that song...

CiCi said...

You two make a good team. Now I understand, Maude is the brainiac and Gary is the silliac. Ha.

k.a. barnes said...

Yay, Maude!
Now, if you have any words of wisdom for getting husbands to seal packages back up- namely the twist-tie on the bag of english muffins, the lid on the dog food, the peanut butter jar, etc.

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