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Monday, February 7, 2011

dumpster diving for Valentine's gifts....

I am like, walking down the street and I say "hey honey, look at the flowers in that trash can!" And I dig them out and shake them off, and they look, you know, pretty good actually, once you remove the peels and coffee and fight off the hobo looking for eats.....
and I say, natch, "happy Valentine's week!".


Gary's third pottery blog said...

cheap bastard or RESOURCEFUL???? you decide....

Land of shimp said...

Jeez, Gary! Now you left some poor Hobo with nothing to give to his girlfriend. For shame.

Hey listen, I can't find this post for the life of me (you're a prolific poster, Gary) but a while back you featured one of your friends, male, who is an artist. So that describes basically all your male friends, I know.

But you featured paintings of trees that he had done. I like trees and am in the market for some artwork again.

Anyway you could guy me towards the right fellow if he's open to selling?

Reverend Awesome said...

That's Benji!

Gary. Oh my goodness. I KNOW there will be presents that are not from the dumpster. There has to be! Right!?

Ahhh yes. Of course. Guess the hobo will have to find another dumpster. Or maybe an evergreen bouquet that he picks himself.

ang design said...

mmmm but did they smell sweet?? :P

kate et jim said...


Unknown said...

All is fair in love and lol :) You beat the Hobo to them so he has to lump it. Learn to be faster, quicker, hobos is what they need to learn.

Oh yeah, you are a cheapo, but I am not one for spending money on cut flowers either. I always tell George please do not do that, it is a total waste of money. Besides we are suppose to recycle, and you did! lol lol :)

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