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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jen and Laura weigh in on the elephants.....

(groovy elephant jar by Gary Rith)
Jen is, you know, a new visitor here, and watches my video (Down BELOW! When I was on remember that I was a TV STAR this time last year???) and she is like:
"My favorite part was the video of you talking about your tea pots and you said "this one does not have an elephant on it". I got a good chuckle out of the lack of elephant". And I am like "Well, Jen, sometimes you have to make a duck not an elephant" and last night? Last night I am talking to Laura and she is watching me make an elephant teapot (BIG SURPRISE!) and she is like "oooh, my mom loves elephants, I am always watching out for elephant stuff" And I am like "well, some people have said I must be a REPUBL!CAN" and both me and Laura make SOUR faces "but I tell them its because I love Dumbo and Babar.

In other news, me and the wife are walking away from the Cornell campus this evening, and she stops me and says
"hey, G Bomb, let me get your picture here!"


Unknown said...

I just love your pottery!

It's great stuff!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

G BOMB! That is a great nickname for you. Good call, Maude.

Of course I remember your TV debut! You're my super famous potter friend.

I totally agree. Sometimes you just have to point out the lack of elephants.

gz said...

Or perhaps not enough elephants?
(see Discworld...)

gz said...

that hydrant looks a bit elephantish!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

G-Bomb is an awesome name. My husband calls me C-Dog...who knows why...nothing hydrant related. Oh, you're killing me with the elephant jar, elephant teapots, elephant mugs. I feel like I must have them all. I think I'm developing a pottery problem.

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