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Saturday, February 26, 2011

project for crafty guys: making the mouse mousepad

I am chatting with the wife:
"I want a new mouse pad for the computer" and she is like
"you don't have a mouse pad, you have a pad of paper under the mouse. Doesn't work very well"
"plus" sez I "you are always writing notes on the paper, and the mouse makes your writing all smeary" and she doesn't have much to say to that so I go on, as my imagination fires up
"I want a Mickey Mouse Mouse Pad!" and she is like
"you gonna buy one?" and I am like
"NO! I can make it!" and she is like
"OH! You could take a picture of your Mickey tee, print it out and paste it onto blahblah and then cut out blahblah..." (it was sounding like Ocean's 11: a VERY complex plan) and I am like
"well, I was thinking I could just take foam and a big circle and 2 small circles and cut them out" and as I am puzzling out my simple plan she is like
"we can get black foam sheets at Michael's!" and she helped me find them and it was about 49 cents and you can see what I did here. Super easy, and YES, I made those cups and that bowl.....

Look at this horrible thing below. I dreamt I got something like that tattoed to my forearm, and some other horrible thing on the other arm. Even in the dream I was embarrassed....


cookingwithgas said...

you are the craft "master'!

Unknown said...

I like your crafty mouse pad!

Now, I could call you "Crafts With Pots".

heh heh

Michèle Hastings said...

such a crafty guy you are!

CiCi said...

The Mickey Mouse mouse pad (not a stutter) suits you perfectly.

k.a. barnes said...

It certainly would be a 'conversation piece' tattoo!
My friend was almost convinced to get a tattoo while we were in Bennington on vacation but she wasn't sure what to get. I suggested a naked lady riding a bottle of whiskey, which seems to be the default tattoo featured on the wall in most places. When she started breathing again, she was considering it, which was when we had to leave the tattoo shop.

Reverend Awesome said...

If you got that tattoo I'd laugh so hard I'd pee.

You and Maude are a good team!

Barbara Martin said...

For whimsy, there's something to put on a teapot: uniforns and nymphs!

Anonymous said...

I would not have thought to use 2 cups. I woulda just used 1 cup twice. I love it. That craft foam is some fun crap, no?
-Jen H

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